Colorado Springs Felony Assault Defense Lawyer

Menacing-mis Whether an individual lives in a big city or a small town, interpersonal interactions probably make up a significant portion of an individual’s day. Unfortunately, some of those interactions inevitably will not go smoothly. In rare and extreme cases, an interaction may turn hostile and could result in assault charges. In criminal cases, finding an attorney experienced in assault misdemeanor defense as soon as possible should be a priority.

Assault Charge Under Colorado Laws

Under Colorado law, assaults involve the infliction of bodily harm upon another person. These charges are categorized in three levels, or degrees, with third-degree charges being the least serious and first-degree charges being the most severe. As the seriousness of the crime increases, so do the penalties. Third-degree convictions may result in up to two years in jail while first-degree convictions may result in up to 16 years in prison. However, crimes categorized as being in the third-degree are considered misdemeanors. This means that even in the case of a conviction, defendants do not lose the right to own a gun or forfeit other rights. Additionally, sentences for misdemeanors are served in county jail as opposed to a state prison. Regardless of the severity of the penalties, having a skilled lawyer is important for those wishing to fight their charges.

Misdemeanor Assault Defense Attorney

Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney Shimon Kohn’s experience and dedication may help reduce or eliminate misdemeanor charges by presenting detailed defenses based on the language of Colorado’s statutes. For example, a third-degree assault is defined as an act in which a person “knowingly or recklessly” causes bodily harm to another. By demonstrating that a defendant did not know he or she was causing harm, a criminal defense lawyer may help reduce or eliminate charges. Additionally, other more general defenses, such as denial of right to counsel, may be applicable in certain cases. Shimon Kohn is experienced in misdemeanor defense and will work toward helping clients reduce potential penalties. In the case of an assault misdemeanor defense, Kohn’s dedicated representation may help obtain an outcome defendants can live with. Getting an experienced misdemeanor defense attorney early in the process is important, and Shimon Kohn has the Colorado law insight to help clients fight their criminal charges. Contact Colorado Springs Misdemeanor Assault Defense Attorney Shimon Kohn today for a consultation.
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