Sexual Exploitation of a Child

The charge of sexual exploitation of a child is a sex offense unlike any other. Those charged could face anything from a Class 6 to a Class 3 felony. Those convicted of merely possessing sexually exploitative material where a child is the victim are the ones facing a Class 6 felony, and this could end with an 18-month prison sentence for these individuals, but as in all charges with varying degrees, these penalties can get much worse.

A person who is convicted of possessing sexually exploitative materials with child victims will face a sex offense that is classified as a Class 4 felony. Those who have more than 20 items that are considered sexually exploitative, even on a first conviction, face the same charge and consequences. These penalties can extend up to six years.

Sexual exploitation of a child is a sex offense.

Those who are charged with actually causing a child to be a part of or distributing sexually exploitative material face the biggest consequences and legal hurdles. They could end up in prison for 12 years if convicted, and if the judge believes that violence was used to commit the crime, this penalty jumps to 24 years. This is quite literally a lifetime for many people, and in all cases of sexual exploitation of a child, those convicted may have to endure lifetime supervision even after their release.


Sex exploitation of a child is a sexual offense that a defendant should take very seriously. In addition to having to register as a sex offender, those convicted will face an inescapable stigma regardless of where they go in life. Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney Shimon Kohn knows the law related to sexual offenses and how to properly defend his clients. Though the charges are very serious, there are potential defenses against them. Shimon Kohn strives to ensure that his clients get the best defense and representation possible in these situations.

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