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We Will Make Sure Your Rights
Are Protected

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What To Do If You Are Arrested.

Know your rights if you are arrested or stopped by police!

If you are arrested by police in or near Colorado Springs, you should remain calm and stay quiet. You don’t have to answer questions or make a statement to authorities – or anyone else before speaking with your lawyer. In addition to staying calm and quiet, we recommend that you stick to the following script to help you get through the criminal charges as fast as possible.

Your Right To Silence is guaranteed by the US Constitution. Use it!

Do Not Sign Anything! Police may have a written confession or similar that they push at you. Turn this down immediately!

Get a lawyer as fast as possible. A public defender is probably not the best option for serious legal defense. This is not the time to be cheap – your future and freedom are at stake!

Make sure that you have written down and/or recorded all the details of your arrest and beyond. Do NOT give this to police – only share it with your lawyer!

Know that the darkest hours are always before the dawn – meaning that things may get a lot worse before they get better. But, you must not give up hope! Shimon Kohn and his legal team will always be behind you no matter what. We’ve got your back!

Colorado Springs Attorneys

Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorneys Shimon Kohn & Julian Rosielle

Experienced Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney & DUI Lawyer

Being in the crosshairs of the criminal justice system can be as stressful as it may be intimidating. In addition, an experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer defending you is pivotal to the outcome of your case, as well as your future.

At The Kohn Law Firm, we are here to aggressively defend your rights and help you bring your case to a successful resolution. We are dedicated to providing each of our clients with exceptional service, ethical treatment and aggressive representation.

That’s why we are here to help you:

  • Successfully navigate the intricacies of the criminal justice system
  • Minimize the negative impacts that criminal cases may have on you and your family
  • Work diligently and relentlessly to help you protect your freedom and future.

Call us today if you are in trouble. Remember, we can almost always help you. Never give up hope – we’ve got your back.

We Get Results!

At The Kohn Law Firm, We Get Results.

All of the case results you see here are all recent – not cases from months, years or even decades ago. We work many cases in a year, solving problems for our clients, so we have the experience needed to get results for you – fast!

“We’re here for you, and we will do everything possible to get the best outcome for you. You have my word on that.”  – Shimon Kohn

  • Class 6 Felony, Attempted Trespass of a Vehicle, possible 12-18 months prison sentence,
  • Class 1 Drug Felony, Special Offender, mandatory 8-32 year prison sentence, case dismissed
  • DUI (Driving under the Influence), possible 1 year jail sentence, case dismissed
  • Class 3 Felony, Aggravated Robbery, mandatory 10-32 year prison sentence, case dismissed 
  • Class 3 Felony, Burglary – Domestic Violence, possible 4-12 year prison sentence, case dismissed
  • Class 4 Felony, 2nd Degree Assault – Serious Bodily Injury, possible 5-16 year prison sentence, result = deferred sentence to a misdemeanor offense 
  • Class 5 Felony, Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft, possible 1-3 year prison sentence, result = deferred sentence to a misdemeanor offense
  • Class 5 Felony, Menacing, possible 1-3 year prison sentence, result = petty offense
{I had some very serious charges and needed the best representation I could find. Shimon was honest and confident and eased my nerves from the very first meeting. My case ended up being dismissed at arraignment, which Shimon knew beforehand because he was in contact with the DAs. He still showed up in court for my hearing and helped me seal the records. I definitely recommend Shimon to anyone in a legal predicament. I know that if my case had not been dismissed, I would have been glad to have chosen Mr. Kohn.

Krista Barthel

{Shimon enabled me to find a path for recovery from addiction and the recovery of my life as I now know it. I gave him as many reasons as possible to give up on me and he continued to fight. I owe a great deal of gratitude to Shimon as an attorney and as a human being, he is compassionate, professional and as real as they come in the legal system. I stood to lose my life as a habitual criminal and I trusted Shimon as to what I should do and he helped lead me out of one of the darkest times of my life. I was facing 32 mandatory years for drugs and Shimon negotiated me down to 6 years probation and treatment that has changed my life. I would insist anyone who needs to hire an attorney, this is the only man I would ever recommend. Thank you Shimon.

sam burke

Shimon Kohn is the attorney to call when you need the best criminal defense lawyer. I will never have enough words to express my gratitude to him for how he helped my family. He was available to answer questions honestly and reassuringly within a reasonable timeframe.
He exeplified professionalism, compassion and expertise. His professional and personal relationship with the district attorney's office is unparalleled in this community. Shimon is definitely to whom I will refer anyone and everyone who requires legal services.



A Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney Who Gets Results!

When you hire The Kohn Law Firm, you are hiring the Best Criminal Defense Team in Colorado Springs!

Unlike some other, less-experienced criminal defense attorneys, Shimon Kohn, Molly Hostetler and Julian Rosielle we do not waste time with your defense! As a result, you can count on aggressive and creative defense backed by years of experience defending good people like you. By the same token, good people who are in a bind, down on their luck and unsure of where to turn for immediate legal help for most any type of criminal defense.

Furthermore, we’re committed to protecting your legal rights and your freedom with the determination and profound knowledge of the Colorado legal system that our 20 years of representing clients offers us.

We genuinely care about you and your future. When you’re in trouble with the law, we want to be the legal team you call . We’re here for you.

An Arrest Can Be Devastating

Getting arrested for a serious crime can be a devastating experience. In addition, you may be overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions of fear, anger, regret and uncertainty for the future.

An arrest for a crime in Colorado Springs can affect you in many ways. In the first place, if you can’t get bail, you will not be able to go to work and you may lose your job. As a result, if you have no income you may lose your home and your family will suffer the consequences.

In other words, an arrest and conviction will hurt you in ways you never imagined. That’s why you need to get The Kohn Law Firm on the job early, so you suffer as little as possible.

Regardless of if you are under investigations or have been formally arrested, the most effective way of protecting your rights is to seek legal representation from an experienced and skilled Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney.

Consult With A Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney Immediately!

Colorado Springs Criminal Lawyer Julian Rosielle

Colorado Springs Criminal Lawyer Julian Rosielle

Never talk about your legal situation with law enforcement or anyone for that matter without the presence of a lawyer or without having consulted with an attorney. Additionally, you have Constitutionally-guaranteed rights and we will fight for YOU and YOUR civil rights!

We Are Prepared To Aggressively Fight For You And To Ensure That Your Rights Are Respected.

We offer professional legal representation to clients facing a wide range of criminal charges including drug distribution, drug possession, juvenile offenses, domestic violence charges, sex crimes, violent crimes, and all misdemeanor and felony criminal law charges.

In case you or someone close to you is facing criminal charges or needs assistance, then get in touch with The Kohn Law Firm to get the help you need. Of course, we provide free consultations, and we have the knowledge, skill, and experience needed to successfully resolve criminal cases.

An Experienced Criminal Defense Team

Facing a criminal charge in Colorado, be it a misdemeanor or a felony criminal charge, is a predicament that should prompt you to get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. Moreover, every type of criminal charge has its own unique facts and circumstances surrounding it and only an experienced attorney is able to assist an accused person and establish the best course of action.

Other options of resolving a crime, such as case dismissals and reduced charges are usually available early on at the beginning of a criminal case. Likewise, this is why it is highly crucial to hire a skilled attorney who has helped many others in these kinds of situations.

The best Colorado criminal defense lawyer you hire should have extensive experience dealing with all kinds of criminal cases including child abuse, violent crimes, assaults, juvenile delinquency, sex crimes, drug crimes, and domestic violence.

The Best Colorado Springs Criminal Lawyers?

Considering the many years of experience held by the lawyers at The Kohn Law Firm, we understand how the district attorney and the police build cases.

In addition, your Colorado Springs criminal lawyer is aware of the kinds of mistakes that are commonly done in these cases that can be used to turn things in your favor.

It is worth noting that criminal defense lawyers in Colorado aren’t created the same. You will need to hire a lawyer who is able to offer you a personalized defense and a determined approach towards achieving your freedom.

When the prosecutor gets to see the bigger picture instead of just what the alleged victim or the police officers say, they may be more likely to pursue lesser charges.

We Work With The Prosecution For A Better Outcome

This is the reason why you should promptly bring an experienced defense lawyer onto your case. Your lawyer will be able to work directly with the prosecution to prove to them that the evidence presented isn’t valid enough to pursue a criminal charge against you.

This can result in the full dismissal of the case or a significant reduction of the charges.

You are entitled to knowing how your case is proceeding in the justice system and if any plea bargains or other options have become available to you. By the same token, your lawyer should keep you informed about the progress of your case and offer you the necessary assistance regardless of the charges you are facing.

Both felony and misdemeanor charges should be treated with the seriousness they deserve. Additionally, either should be handled as soon as possible to offer you the best chances to prevent a conviction and related penalties.

You might also need an expert to help you understand what the charges you are facing mean. Compounded charges may also affect the ultimate penalties in case you are convicted.

The earlier you understand what’s involved and what’s at stake, the better your chances of fighting off the consequences of a conviction.

Contact An Experienced Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney Today

If you are accused of a serious crime, you can’t afford to the mistake of putting your future and freedom in the hands of an incompetent defense attorney. Likewise, if you do so, both your rights and future will be greatly compromised.

Choosing an experienced defense lawyer to handle your criminal case in Colorado Springs is a significant decision. This is why at The Kohn Law Firm we always provide a free case evaluation to all potential clients.

Call us today, and we will arrange a meeting where one of our lawyers will listen to all the details of your case.  We’ll inform you of his or her thoughts on how to proceed with the defense, and all the possible scenarios and outcomes of your case. Furthermore, we will plan for your success!

You have everything to win and nothing to lose – but you have to make that first step and call us today.

The Kohn Law Firm Now Offers Family Law!

Alison Blackwell, Colorado Springs Family Attorney

Alison Blackwell Family Attorney

We are now offering a complete suite of Family Law legal services. Attorney Alison Blackwell can help you with Divorce, Child Support, Father’s Rights, Parenting Plans and Post Decree Litigation. Call now for a free, confidential case review.