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We Will Make Sure Your Rights
Are Protected

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Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney And DUI Lawyer

Know Your Rights!

Know your rights if you are stopped by police!

The Right To Remain Silent and many other rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution are your rights learn more HERE.

Experienced Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney & DUI Lawyer

Being in the crosshairs of the criminal justice system can be as stressful as it may be intimidating. The important thing to remember when this happens, however, is that having an experienced defense attorney representing and defending you can be pivotal to the outcome of your case, as well as your future.

At The Kohn Law Firm, our experienced Colorado Springs criminal attorneys want you to know that, when you are accused of a crime, we are here to aggressively defend your rights and help you bring your case to a successful resolution. We are dedicated to providing each of our clients with exceptional service, ethical treatment and aggressive representation.

That’s why we are here to help you:

  • Successfully navigate the intricacies of the criminal justice system
  • Minimize the negative impacts that criminal cases may have on you and your family
  • Work diligently and relentlessly to help you protect your freedom and future.

Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney

Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney Shimon Kohn

Reviews For The Kohn Law Firm

best colorado springs criminal attorney

I would highly recommend Shimon and his team. I felt like Shimon took a personal interest in my case and represented me to his full capability. Shimon was great with communication and follow up. Shimon talked straight and didn’t tell me things to make me feel better. I appreciate his professionalism and positive attitude.” – Israel M.

best colorado springs criminal attorney

“Julian represented me for a case involving several felonies and potential jail time. I called the Kohn law firm after my first lawyer did not work out. We didn’t have much time but Julian dove right into the case, found ways for me to win and on the day of court was professional, knowledgeable and ready. I felt very confident with him at my side. Because of this, my case was DISMISSED. I can’t recommend this law firm enough, all around amazing. I will be saving his number should i need him again.” – Alicia Carroll

best colorado springs criminal attorney

“We had given up hope that we would ever hear the three words “IT WAS DISMISSED!” Yet, somehow Julian Rosielle, criminal defense lawyer for Kohn Law Group made it happen. I could hear the joy and relief in our son’s voice when he called me. The heavy burden that had regularly dragged him into despair over the course of two years HAD BEEN LIFTED from him. He no longer faced each day with the uncertainty of not knowing how things would end up, and if his future will be devastated by the mistakes of his past. For that, there are not enough words of gratitude. Yet, even if Julian had not managed this miraculous and positive outcome for our son, we would be thanking him. He brings honor to his profession. There was never a moment when we doubted that he was on our team- that he had respect for our son, empathy for his situation, and that he was going to work his hardest to get our son the very best deal that was possible. His communication, with the added complication of keeping out-of-state parents in the loop as well, was stellar. He was always willing to answer questions and check on things if he needed to. Our experience with Kohn Law Firm was rock solid, and though I hope we NEVER need their expertise again, we would most certainly seek it and highly recommend them!” – Robin Miller

best colorado springs criminal attorney

“My Family helped my hire Mr. Kohn back around 2010. I was freshly out of high school suffering from alcohol abuse making very poor life choices, and racking up a criminal charges. Mr. Kohn represented me on four different cases. He was able to get deferred sentences plea bargain everything down to lesser charges. I straightened my life up and stayed out of trouble and ten years later he referred me to a sealing attorney. Shimon cared about me, he would respond to me and take my calls on his personal cell phone. I remember I was at the courthouse paying fines once and he even gave me a ride home in his personal vehicle, I was doing a lot of walking and catching busses back then. I know I can still chase my dreams and feel dignity today because of the work he did all of those years ago and I am very grateful.” – Riley Malloy

Choose A Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney Who Gets Results!

We are committed to protecting your legal rights with the determination and profound knowledge of the Colorado legal system that our 20 years of representing clients offers us.

We genuinely care about you and your future. We want to be the legal team you call when you’re in trouble with the law. We are here for you.

An Arrest Can Be Devastating

Getting arrested for a serious crime can be a devastating experience. You may be overwhelmed with thoughts and emotions of fear, anger, regret and uncertainty for the future.

Regardless of if you are under investigations or have been formally arrested, the most effective way of protecting your rights is to seek legal representation from an experienced and skilled Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney.

Consult With A Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney Immediately

Never talk about your legal situation with law enforcement or anyone for that matter without the presence of a lawyer or without having consulted with an attorney. We will fight for YOU and YOUR civil rights!

We Are Prepared To Aggressively Fight For You And To Ensure That Your Rights Are Respected.

We offer professional legal representation to clients facing a wide range of criminal charges including drug distribution, drug possession, juvenile offenses, domestic violence charges, sex crimes, violent crimes, and all misdemeanor and felony criminal law charges.

In case you or someone close to you is facing criminal charges or needs assistance, then get in touch with The Kohn Law Firm to get the help you need. We provide free consultations, and we possess the knowledge, skill, and experience needed to successfully resolve criminal cases.

An Experienced Criminal Defense Team

Facing a criminal charge in Colorado, be it a misdemeanor or a felony criminal charge, is a predicament that should prompt you to get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Every type of criminal charge has its own unique facts and circumstances surrounding it and only an experienced attorney is able to assist an accused person and establish the best course of action.

Other options of resolving a crime, such as case dismissals and reduced charges are usually available early on at the beginning of a criminal case. This is why it is highly crucial to hire a skilled attorney who has helped many others in these kinds of situations.

The best Colorado criminal defense lawyer for you should possess extensive experience dealing with all kinds of criminal cases including child abuse, violent crimes, assaults, juvenile delinquency, sex crimes, drug crimes, and domestic violence.

The Best Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney?

Colorado Springs criminal attorney Molly Hostetler

Molly Hostetler

Considering the many years of experience held by the lawyers at The Kohn Law Firm, we understand how the district attorney and the police build cases.

In addition, your Colorado Springs criminal lawyer is aware of the kinds of mistakes that are commonly done in these cases that can be used to turn things in your favor.

It is worth noting that criminal defense lawyers in Colorado aren’t created the same. You will need to hire a lawyer who is able to offer you a personalized defense and a determined approach towards achieving your freedom.

When the prosecutor gets to see the bigger picture instead of just what the alleged victim or the police officers say, they may be more likely to pursue lesser charges.

This is the reason why you should promptly bring an experienced defense lawyer onto your case. Your lawyer will be able to work directly with the prosecution to prove to them that the evidence presented isn’t valid enough to pursue a criminal charge against you.

This can result in the full dismissal of the case or a significant reduction of the charges.

You are entitled to knowing how your case is proceeding in the justice system and if any plea bargains or other options have become available to you. Your lawyer should keep you informed about the progress of your case and offer you the necessary assistance regardless of the charges you are facing.

Both felony and misdemeanor charges should be treated with the seriousness they deserve and should be handled as soon as possible to offer you the best chances to prevent a conviction and related penalties.

You might also need an expert to help you understand what the charges you are facing mean and the manner in which compounded charges may affect the ultimate penalties in case you are convicted.

The earlier you understand what is involved and what’s at stake, the better your chances of fighting off the consequences of a conviction.

Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney And DUI Lawyers

The Kohn Law Firm

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In the unfortunate event that you are accused of a serious crime, you can’t afford to the mistake of putting your future and freedom in the hands of an incompetent defense attorney. If you do so, both your rights and future will be greatly compromised.

Choosing an attorney to handle your criminal case in Colorado Springs is a significant decision. This is why here at The Kohn Law Firm we always provide a free case evaluation to all potential clients.

Call us today, and we will arrange a meeting where one of our lawyers will listen to all the details of your case and inform you of his or her thoughts on how to proceed with the defense, and all the possible scenarios and outcomes of your case.

You have everything to win and nothing to lose – but you have to make that first step and call us today.

What Our Clients Say

“I was looking at more than 30 years in prison and got probation. My lawyer gave me his cell phone number to call if I had problems after his office closed”

Criminal Defense Client

“I feel he was the best choice for my boyfriend’s case. He definitely listened to us and made us feel comfortable. He was very confident and intelligent, and told us how he thought the case might go.”


“The very best attorney, ever!”


“Thank You for everything you did for me, and I hope I won’t have to call you again myself but I will happily refer you.”


“I admire you legal abilities sir! I couldn’t have asked for a better advisory counsel than you.”