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OUR PHILOSOPHY stems from the belief that our clients deserve exceptional service, ethical treatment and aggressive representation. Established by Shimon Kohn in 2003 after leaving the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, The Kohn Law Firm. is dedicated to serving the DUI and criminal defense needs of the accused in the Pikes Peak region.

OUR EXPERIENCE in dealing with police and prosecutors gives The Kohn Law Firm a substantial advantage in collecting information, negotiating plea bargains, or proceeding to a jury trial. 

We know that your participation in the legal processes it critical to your defense. So, to effectively represent you, we invest the time to translate “legalese” into clear definitions and make sure you and/or your family understands the charges and your options moving forward.

Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney

Shimon Kohn

OUR ADHERENCE to a strict code of ethics guarantees your ethical treatment in all matters. Our commitment to aggressive representation of clients means gaining their trust through executing everything we do with integrity.

We believe quality and effective legal representation does not require ethical compromise, and our reputation for creative and aggressive representation proves it. Successful representation does require a thorough understanding of the law and meticulous preparation.

Beyond academic credentials and legal experience, The Kohn Law Firm invests in continuing legal education and training to ensure that our knowledge of Colorado law is current and accurate.

OUR FOUNDER, Shimon Kohn, The Kohn Law Firm, has concentrated his practice in the area of criminal defense since 2003.

Prior to establishing The Kohn Law Firm he worked as a Deputy District Attorney in El Paso and Teller Counties prosecuting felony, misdemeanor, and traffic crimes.

The Kohn Law Firm was also previously assigned as a special prosecutor in Pueblo County.

In The Kohn Law Firm, you have a legal champion truly dedicated to your defense.

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Below is a look at just some of the specific types of cases that the Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyers at The Kohn Law Firm handle.

Violent Crimes Defense

Because charges associated with violent crimes can come with some of the most severe penalties upon conviction, these are some of the most important cases that people will need to defend themselves against. At The Kohn Law Firm, our attorneys have extensive experience and a track record of success when it comes to defending our clients against various types of violent crimes charges, including (but not limited to):

Drug Crimes Defense

Drug offense charges can damage a person’s reputation, career and future, especially if these charges allege illegal activities with large amounts of illegal drugs and/or more dangerous narcotics (like Schedule I or Schedule II drugs). At The Kohn Law Firm, our lawyers are skilled at helping people build the strongest possible defense against an array of drug offense charges, including (but not limited to) those associated with:

Sex Crimes Defense

Sex crimes charges are among the most highly stigmatized criminal charges a person can face, making it especially important to start building a strong defense against these allegations as soon as possible. The Colorado Springs criminal defense attorneys at The Kohn Law Firm are effective at mounting a formidable defense against various types of sex offense charges, including (but not limited to) those associated with allegations of:

Additional Felony Defense Services

In addition to providing superior defense representation to people accused of various types of violent crimes, drug crimes, and sex offenses, some of the other types of felony cases that we have a record of successful resolving include (but are not limited to) those associated with:

Additional Misdemeanor Defense Services

For misdemeanor criminal cases, our Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyers can provide people who are facing any of the following allegations with the highest quality of legal services:

Our superior defense services are not limited to adults who are accused of crimes. We also can also build the strongest possible defense for juveniles accused of various offenses, regardless of whether these charges are filed in juvenile court or the adult criminal justice system.


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