Meet The Attorneys

Shimon Kohn - Criminal Defense Attorney

Shimon Kohn

As a Deputy District Attorney in Teller and El Paso Counties in Colorado, Shimon worked tirelessly defending those accused of all crimes, especially misdemeanors, felonies and traffic violations. Since opening The Kohn Law Firm in 2003, Shimon has made it a priority to provide a solid and vigorous defense for those accused of crimes in Colorado Springs. Drug crimes, sexual crimes and domestic disputes are a specialty for Shimon, but he is all-in for anyone accused of a crime and needs the best legal representation available.

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Julian Rosielle attorney at Shimon Kohn law firm

Julian Rosielle

As Deputy State Public Defender, Julian defended those accused of crimes and he also supervised new attorneys hired into the State System. Julian has always valued the defense of the accused as a priority, and as a criminal attorney with The Kohn Law Firm Julian practices what he preaches – making sure those who have been accused of crimes get a solid and passionate defense.

As always, you get a FREE CONSULTATION with Julian, so give him a call today.

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