Shimon Kohn, Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney

Shimon Kohn Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney


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Shimon Kohn, Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney has concentrated his practice in the area of criminal defense since 2003.

Prior to establishing The Kohn Law Firm he worked as a Deputy District Attorney in El Paso and Teller Counties prosecuting felony, misdemeanor, and traffic violations. Mr. Kohn was also previously assigned as a special prosecutor in Pueblo, Colorado.

As a top Colorado Springs Criminal Attorney, Shimon is dedicated to aggressively defending your rights and protecting your freedom under the the law. Using his years of experience and the premise that you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, Shimon never gives up, no matter how the odds are stacked.

You can count on Shimon Kohn to fight for you until the very end.

Shimon knows that bad things can happen to good people. Or, you might have made a bad decision in your life but don’t deserve continual punishment. You need legal help and Shimon Kohn has dedicated his life’s work to helping those in need.

Specializing in all facets of criminal law, Shimon is especially adept at defending those accused of sexual assault, domestic violence accusations and drug crimes cases.

At The Kohn Law Firm, we know you have a choice in criminal defense attorneys. But, consider this – our attorneys have almost 50 years’ combined experience defending those accused of crimes.

And we have worked as prosecutors so we know the legal system, inside and out. We know how to defend you and we won’t ever quit until the job is done.

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