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A Family Law Attorney Can Protect Your Interests

Experiencing a divorce in Colorado Springs is probably one of the most stressful things a person can go through. An experienced family law attorney will protect your legal rights and give you peace of mind. We’re here to solve problems.

In addition there are often children, assets and many other facets of Family Law that are intricately woven into this process as well. In tough and stressful times you need the best Family Law attorney you can find. An attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate, and one who will always have your best interests at heart.

Colorado Springs Family Law Attorney

Alison Blackwell, Colorado Springs Family Law Attorney is here for you.

At The Kohn Law Firm, we can handle most areas of Family Law in Colorado Springs including;


Alison Blackwell at The Kohn Law Firm can guide you through each stage of divorce, providing the steady and calm hand that a good Family Law Attorney needs. Alison knows that it’s an overwhelming life event to experience a divorce. You may become physically and mentally exhausted and feel powerless and unprotected.

But, it’s important to have an attorney who understands you, and has the experience and fortitude to see you through.

Child Support

In the state of Colorado, there are guidelines set in place to ensure that children have plenty of financial and emotional support. These guidelines are complex. Intended to give children the same level of support should their parent’s have remained intact, these guidelines are in place to help provide for them.

The guidelines are complicated, and there are often disputes in regard to child support.

Child Support is the financial payment that one parent pays to the other parent to ensure that the child can still lead the life they started out in. Typically the non-custodial parent pays this to the custodial parent.

Parents can negotiate and attempt to agree on the child support payments by themselves before they go to court, or they can allow the courts to set this up. The child support guidelines will have to be approved by the judge. If the parents can’t come to an agreement, the court will determine the payments and who pays whom.

Parenting Plan

The laws in Colorado ensure that children receive reasonable and liberal parenting time unless there would be a danger to the child’s physical health or emotional development or the child would otherwise be endangered.

A well-developed Parenting Plan can be in the children’s best interest and can avoid stress and ambiguity for the parents.

Even parents deemed unfit are entitled to a reasonable amount of parenting time unless this would put the child’s life in danger.

The law is very specific regarding parenting time and schedules in lieu of visitation. Spending time with children involved helping with homework, providing structure and security, and mentoring your child. and other parental activities. On the other hand, Visitation brings up imagery of a visit to a hospital or prison.

Parental Rights (Father’s Rights)

All of the decisions made in court are made “in the best interests” of the child. However, not all parents want to leave this decision up to the courts. Only under extreme circumstances should a child not be allowed to see a specific parent. It’s important that children have plenty of time with both parents and be allowed to build a solid relationship with both parents.

Even when parents are divorcing, children need plenty of time with both parents.

Regardless of whether or not you and your spouse are in agreement, you’ll want to know all the ins and outs of a divorce to forge an agreement that will work for both of you. Kohn Law Firm can assist you.

Post Degree Litigation

Once the divorce is final, there may be circumstances that change and require alterations to the divorce agreement. Such alterations are called post-decree modifications. These are motions that are requested by either party after the finalization of the divorce. These include such things as changes in circumstances and breach of contract between the couple.

Occasionally, the agreement will have to return to court for modifications and judgments on specific aspects. It may be new information, such as a change in job or circumstances for one or both of the parents.

During such changes, it’s important to retain the services of an experienced Family Law Attorney to ensure that the modification process is done correctly.


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