Manslaughter Defense

When you or a loved one faces murder or manslaughter charges, you can trust the Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyers at Kohn Law Firm to provide you with the strongest possible defense.

When you or a loved one faces murder or manslaughter charges, you can trust the Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyers at The Kohn Law Firm to provide you with the strongest possible defense.

Manslaughter allegations require a strong defense to avoid long-term – if not lifelong – imprisonment.

Not to mention, the potentially devastating impacts that a manslaughter conviction can have on a person’s family and future. Given all that is at stake in manslaughter cases, it’s vital that the accused has an experienced criminal defense attorney defending their rights and challenging prosecutors throughout the course of the case.

At The Kohn Law Firm, our Colorado Springs criminal defense attorneys are skilled at mounting strong defense cases against murder and manslaughter charges, and we have been aggressively fighting for our clients’ rights both inside and outside of the courtroom since 2003.

When people accused of these types of allegations, or any violent crime, they should entrust their defense to The Kohn Law Firm. Clients can count on the fact that they will be receiving the highest quality of legal services and that they will have the best chances of obtaining a favorable resolution to their case.

Murder versus Manslaughter Charges

There are a few, very specific distinctions between murder versus manslaughter charges. Primarily, the differences lie in that, with murder charges, prosecutors will have to prove, among other things, that:

  • The accused person intended to take another person’s life.
  • Premeditation to commit the murder was involved in the case.

When prosecutors lack strong or any evidence to support these contentions, it can be possible to get murder charges reduced.

Defense Strategies for Murder and Manslaughter Charges

While the best defense arguments for a given case will depend on the specifics of that case, in general, the following defense strategies may be effective in murder or manslaughter cases:

  • An alleged confession was illegally obtained by police or investigators.
  • There was provocation.
  • The incident occurred in the heat of passion.
  • The accused individual has been wrongly identified as the perpetrator of the crime.
  • There is reasonable doubt as to whether or not the accused individual committed the crime (in other words, the prosecutor has insufficient evidence to definitively convict the accused individual).

Pinpointing the weaknesses of the prosecutors’ allegations and working to get as much of their evidence as possible thrown out of court will also be important tactics to building a strong defense against murder and manslaughter charges.

Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Lawyers at The Kohn Law Firm

If you or a loved one has been charged with murder, manslaughter or any violent crime, it’s time to contact the attorneys at The Kohn Law Firm Since 2003, our esteemed lawyers have been dedicated to championing the ideal that the accused are innocent until proven guilty, aggressively defending the rights of the accused in any legal setting and helping our clients resolve their cases as favorably and successfully as possible.

At The Kohn Law Firm, we believe that our clients deserve exceptional service, ethical treatment and aggressive representation. That’s why we are here to expertly guide them through the criminal justice system, minimize the negative impacts of the criminal charges, and ultimately help them protect their freedom and future.

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