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Colorado law allows both parents to have a meaningful relationship with their children. However, after a divorce or separation, these rights are not properly defined until the child custody has been decided and court orders have been obtained.

Time With Your Children

In most of these cases, the most important parental responsibility that either side of the divorce will be interested in is how much time each parent get to spend with their kids.

Colorado law states that both parents should be allowed ample and reasonable time with their children, so long as the health of the child is not affected nor is their emotional health seriously impaired. Even if one parent has been deemed “unfit” by the courts, they are still entitled to reasonable time with their children so long as their physical and emotional health is not threatened.

A Parenting Plan You Can Live With

It is always best if both parents and their children can sit down and choose a schedule that would best suit all involved. This allows the family to reach an amicable consensus together and the parents can choose a time within their busy schedules to spend plenty of time with their children.

Sometimes, in a tense divorce situation, it can be impossible to have a calm and cool discussion about most anything, including a parenting plan.

If no solution can be reached through a family sit down, the matter will have to be taken to the courts where a judge will impose parenting schedules that neither side is going to be happy with.

A Parenting Plan Should Include

A proper parenting plan should adhere to all guidelines and requirements under Colorado law and ideally should include each of the following elements:

  • Child support and payment of children’s expenses
  • A Parental Responsibilities Agreement
  • A Parenting Schedule — including regular visitation times, holidays, and ongoing plans.
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Decision-making responsibilities and the individual parent’s rights.

Once again, if a parenting plan cannot be decided through negotiations, they will end up before a judge who will cut the proverbial baby in half however they see fit. This is why it is always best to work with a parenting plan attorney who can smooth out these negotiations and ensure that the relationship is terminated as clearly and softly as possible.

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