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Colorado Springs Father's Rights Attorney

Colorado Springs Father’s Rights Attorney

Protect the Your Rights with an Experienced Family Law Attorney

In the past, courts typically favored mothers in custody hearings. However, this is not the case anymore. More and more courts now realize that a father plays a crucial role in their kids lives.

Colorado Springs Father's Rights Attorney

Father’s Rights Are Important

Divorce attorneys in Colorado and elsewhere have taken noticed of this trend. Nor only that, but more and more dads are getting primary custody. This is trend is happening in divorce cases.

Years ago, this wasn’t the case. The mother would typically be granted primary custody of the child without question. Mothers automatically assigned custody in a divorce case is not as prevalent as it once was, when it comes to determining who receives custody.

Colorado Springs Father's Rights Attorney

The Best Interest Of The Child

There is now a major emphasis on the child’s best interest. This has also led to having more emphasis being placed on the parents cooperating together.
The welfare of the children are the biggest factor in deciding who gets custody. Are you a father? If so, then you need to know what your rights are. If you’re a father who is fighting with your kids’ mother, or you’re dealing with other issues related to your kids, then it may be time to speak to a father’s rights attorney.

A father’s rights lawyer can be a huge asset if you plan on going to court. Fathers have a right to parent their kids, and the right is equal to the mother’s rights. In the state of Colorado, the Court takes a look at the mother and father’s involvement in the lives of their kids.

Colorado Springs Father's Rights Attorney

Father’s Rights, Equal Rights

Whether you’re unmarried with kids or you’re entering a divorce, our attorneys can help you. We can also help you if you’re a divorced dad who wants to protect their rights. We are here to fight for your rights.

Colorado claims to be a gender-blind state when it comes to parental rights. Nonetheless, dads should know what rights they have. Not only that, but they’ll wasn’t an attorney to provide them with aggressive representation.

Do you want custody of your kids? It might be in their best interest to be with you, and to have a relationship with you. This is exactly why you should enlist the help of a Colorado Springs Family Attorney to safeguard your father’s rights..

Colorado Springs Father's Rights Attorney

Are you ready to fight for your rights?

You Need An Experienced Father’s Rights Attorney

We are here to protect your rights as a father. We will make sure you have equal access to your children and fair and equitable child support payments.

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