Post Decree Modifications

Modifications After Your Divorce Decree

In the event that you are experiencing legal problems after your divorce decree, we at the Kohn Law Firm can assist.

After a legal agreement such as a divorce has been executed and some time has passed, you may find that it may no longer be suitable for you or those that you care about.


Making Adjustments To The Agreement

Also, the other party involved in the matter may not be keeping up with their end of the bargain and failing to comply with the court’s orders for support or even custody.

If this occurs, then you may need a lawyer that can make adjustments to the agreement. Fortunately, we at the Kohn Law Firm are very experienced with more than 50 years of experience in various legal matters.

Custom Post Decree Modifications To Fit You

Due to our great deal of experience, we can develop custom solutions that are a good fit for your needs.

We have many clients that we advise on many family law issues such as post decree modifications. We also deal with problems like child support, father’s rights and parenting plans.

A Multitude Of Post Decree Modifications Possible

Post Decree Modifications are often allowed when certain changes occur. These changes can include new (and large) medical expenses, losing a job, migration, unexpected events and more. As a result, we can assist with various types of modifications when it comes to family law. Some of the modifications that we can help with are:

As a result, if your particular situation has gone through some changes, we can assist by determining if you qualify for a modification or not.

We Can Represent Both Sides

Our law firm can represent clients that are on both sides of these desired modifications. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that we know exactly how each side thinks and can provide the best advice on what to do.

We are quite experienced at dealing with complex family issues. We place our clients at the forefront and will always act in your best interest whether it involves mediation, advocating etc.

When a marriage ends, the most common issue that comes up is due to the children from the marriage. Family Attorney Alison Blackwell is extremely experienced and will be able to answer any questions you may have and assist you in getting started.

We Understand Post Decree Modifications

We understand all the potential reasons why persons may want to modify their child support or custody agreement and we can help you through this entire issue.

Not following court orders is a serious offense that can lead to significant consequences. So, through our expert understanding of Colorado law, we will help you to understand all of your options and ensure that all court orders are adhered to.

So, if you’re having issues with your ex-partner paying child support, not informing you of important child-related decisions or not allowing you to see your child according to the court order, then we can definitely assist.


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