Aggravated Robbery/Simple Robbery

When a person is accused robbery, meaning robbing a bank, store or residence within the state of Colorado, the individual may be arrested for committing either a simple or aggravated crime. Whether the crime is simple or aggravated depends on the degree of violence the accused robber perpetrates upon a victim, but the Colorado court system views both types as felony robbery.

Simple Versus Aggravated Robbery

A simple robbery committed within the state of Colorado is so named because even though the individual may have intimidated or threatened the victim, the accusedMisdemeanors pic criminal did not use a gun, knife or other object as a weapon.

When an individual reveals a weapon, the crime becomes known as an aggravated crime. It does not matter if the accused robber uses the weapon in a violent manner; as soon as they display a weapon to the victim, the act is officially classified as an aggravated offense.

The Difference Between Classes

Robberies committed in Colorado have different classes.

A simple offense is known as a Class 4 felony while an aggravated robbery is a Class 3 felony.

The difference between the two is that a Class 3 crime merits a mandatory enhanced sentence due to the associated violent act involved when the accused individual displays a weapon.


When a person is arrested for committing either a Class 3 felony or a Class 4 felony robbery in Colorado, the need for legal representation is paramount. Whether the defendant actually committed the robbery or not, a good felony defense lawyer will defend the actions of the accused individual as well as their rights throughout the legal process.

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Anyone who is charged with committing a felony robbery within the state of Colorado with or without a weapon, can benefit from consulting a dedicated aggravated robbery/simple robbery defense attorney whose mission involves protecting the rights of the accused.

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