Wrapping up our blog series FAQs about Filing Criminal Appeals, below we will respond to some final questions that commonly arise when people may be considering filing criminal appeals in Colorado.

Q – What happens when convicted people win their criminal appeals cases?

A – It depends. Specifically, the next steps in a case will hinge on the specific ruling of the Colorado Court of Appeals. These rulings can be that:

  • The conviction in the case is overturned.
  • Part of a conviction in the case has been overturned.
  • A new trial has been granted.

When a new trial may be granted as a result of a criminal appeals case, having a skilled defense attorney on your side to help you once again present your defense case in trial will be critical.

Q – Are there time limits for filing criminal appeals?

A – Yes, and these time limits are very strict. In other words, if people do not file their criminal appeals according to the given time limits, they will lose their right to appeal their conviction entirely. What these times limits are will depend on whether a criminal case was heard in state or federal court, as well as whether the charges involved were misdemeanor or felony criminal charges.

Here, it’s also important to point out that the time limits for criminal appeals continue once the initial appeal has been filed, as there are time limits for replying to prosecutors’ response briefs, submitting supporting documentation for a case, etc. Therefore, it’s strongly advised that people who are considering filing criminal appeals work with an experienced attorney who can give them the best chances of success with their appeals case.

Q – How often do criminal appeals get granted in the U.S.?

A – Researchers have found that 5 to 10 percent of criminal appeals cases filed in the U.S. are ultimately successfully. While this may mean that most courts get it right the first time or that appellate courts are usually inclined to uphold the decisions of lower courts, it may also reflect the facts that people may not always work with experienced attorneys and, consequently, don’t set their criminal appeals cases up for success.

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