Fraud Defense

‚ÄčDefending You Against Fraud in Colorado

Those who’ve been charged with fraud are in serious trouble. They’ll need an experienced and dedicated criminal defense attorney if they want to avoid the large fines and threat of a lengthy prison sentence that comes with the charge. It’s highly important to consult a Colorado Springs criminal attorney that knows his or her way around fraud law in Colorado.

Is Fraud A White Collar Crime?

Most people refer to this type of crime as a “white-collar” crime. These crimes tend to be nonviolent and often have a financial motive behind them. While these crimes have much to do with one another, these crimes are entirely different and will likely be charged independently of each other.

It can be said that white collar laws on both the federal and state level are the most complex laws out there. There’s no need to worry as our lawyers at The Kohn Law Firm know their way around the law better than any other law firm available in the great state of Colorado.

As it is stated in the Colorado Revised Statutes, fraud can be a number of many different things. Most commonly, it is forgery, money laundering, identity theft, and insurance fraud.

The Many Facets Of Fraud

There are many different types of behavior that make up this crime. These types of deceptive behaviors include identity theft. Fraud often involves a wrongful act that is intended to gain a favor that’s often undeserved by the person. It involves harm or loss to another person.

Forgery is often sorted by degree or severity. It often includes written instruments that are made up of any document, paper, or instrument that contains written or printed writing which can be used to either hurt or help a person.

The Other Types of Fraud Charges

  • Tax
  • Consumer
  • Bank
  • Insurance
  • Identity
  • Check
  • Credit Card

Note: If you have more than one charge of fraud, the consequences can be much more severe. You might face several different penalties.

No matter what charge you may face, finding the best legal in Colorado Springs can mean a world of difference when it comes to the outcome of a fraud case. Finding a good Colorado Springs attorney who deals with fraud can make all the difference when it comes to winning the legal battle against the prosecution – and keeping you out of jail.


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