Here, we will wrap up our three-part blog series Probable Cause: FAQs, responding to some additional questions regarding probable cause.

Q – What is probable cause to seize someone’s property?

The bottom line is that there can be a lot of grey area with probable cause, and an experienced defense attorney may be able to use this to the advantage of the defense.

The bottom line is that there can be a lot of grey area with probable cause, and an experienced defense attorney may be able to use this to the advantage of the defense.

A – In general, probable cause to seize someone’s property exists when sufficient facts are present to lead a law enforcement official to believe that the property:

  • Is illegal (such as in the case of drugs)
  • Is stolen
  • Is evidence of some crime.

Q – What happens when probable cause did not actually exist for a search?

A – In the event that law enforcement officials conduct a warrantless search based on alleged probable cause and it’s later revealed that no probable cause existed, it can be argued that:

  • The accused person’s Fourth Amendment rights were violated.
  • The search was illegal.
  • Any evidence obtained as a result of the illegal search should be thrown out (as it should be considered to be “fruit from the forbidden tree”).

If this leads to evidence getting thrown out and this evidence was the lynchpin in the prosecution’s case, then it may also be possible to get the charges against the accused person reduced or may be even dropped altogether.

The Bottom Line: Probable Cause Can be Critical to A Strong Defense

The bottom line is that examining what law enforcement officials have identified as probable cause for arrests, searches and property seizures can be critical to strengthening the defense case while simultaneously weakening prosecutors’ cases.

Given that probable cause hinges on how a “reasonable person” would interpret a set of facts or circumstances, there can be a lot of grey area in arguing that probable cause did or did not exist, and having an experienced attorney heading up a defense case is pivotal to discovering potential issues with probable cause that could be used in favor of the defense.

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