Wrapping up our three-part blog series Should You Testify in Your Defense? Here’s What to Consider, below we will pose some final questions that you may want to ask yourself as you make the critical decision regarding whether or not to take the witness stand and testify in your defense.

Final Questions to Ask Yourself As You Decide Whether to Testify in Your Defense

4. What is my lawyer suggesting?

Of course, the decision to testify in your defense (or to not testify) is entirely up to you the defendant in the case, and you have the absolute right to take the stand if you want to – regardless of how it may end up working for or against you.

That being stated, however, hearing and considering the advice of an experienced criminal defense lawyer is important if you are truly trying to make the best decision to strengthen your defense case. An attorney will be able to help you weigh all of the factors that need to be considered and can advise you regarding how your testimony is likely to impact your case.

In some cases, heeding an attorney’s advice regarding whether or not to testify in your defense will be essential, as taking the stand may end up allowing the prosecutors to present new evidence against you – like, for instance, your criminal record.

5. Will I do more harm than good to my defense if I end up testifying?

Ultimately, the point of all of the previously mentioned questions in this blog series is to determine the answer to this question – will you end up helping or hurting your defense case if you end up taking the stand to testify in your defense?

If the consensus is that you may end up sabotaging your defense, then strongly consider not taking the stand. If, however, you want to tell your story and have your moment in court, then exercising your right to testify in your defense may be a better option for you and your case.

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