DUI charges often arise when motorists are accused of driving while they are allegedly impaired by alcohol and/or drugs. However, Colorado laws allow for people to be charged with DUI even if they are not driving, and below, we’ll point out when this can occur.

Did You Know These Things Can Also Result in DUI Charges?

Here are some uncommon yet viable ways people can be charged with DUIs when they are not driving a car, a Colorado Springs DUI lawyer explains.

Here are some uncommon yet viable ways people can be charged with DUIs when they are not driving a car, a Colorado Springs DUI lawyer explains.

  1. Riding a bicycle while allegedly impaired – While this may seem strange, the intent behind the law is to not have people operating devices or vehicles in traffic when their perception, judgment and/or reaction times are impaired by alcohol.
  2. Driving a boat while allegedly impaired – In fact, this doesn’t just extend to boats. Waterway DUI charges can be filed when people are allegedly operating jet skis, boats or other watercraft while allegedly impaired.
  3. Riding a Segway while allegedly impaired – Although the popularity of segways may be waning, don’t think that you can jump on one of these devices when drunk to evade a DUI, as police can still charge you with allegedly drunk driving if there is probable cause to believe you are operating a Segway while intoxicated.

A Few More Odd Facts about DUIs

While you can be charged with a DUI in Colorado for operating vehicles or other devices while allegedly drunk, you should also be aware that:

  • It can be possible to be charged with a DUI offense even if you are sitting in the drivers’ seat of a vehicle but you are not currently driving the car – In fact, as long as there is probable cause to assume you were driving or you were planning to drive (because, for instance, the keys are in the ignition/the vehicle is on), you can still face DUI charges.
  • In some states, the laws allow police to charge people with DUI even if they are drunk passengers in a vehicle with a drunk driver – What’s more is that, if you get one of these DUIs in another state, it will still count against you as a prior DUI case in Colorado.
  • Though not common, there have been reported cases of people being charged with DUIs for riding horses, lawnmowers and even go-karts.

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