Christmas and New Years are fun, festive times when people tend to celebrate with their friends and/or family by throwing parties. If you’ll be celebrating the holidays at a party and you plan on drinking alcohol, knowing what to do in order to avoid getting a holiday DUI can be critical to protecting yourself and starting 2015 off on the right foot.

In this two-part blog series, we’ll highlight some things you can do to stay out of police handcuffs and avoid incurring DUI charges this holiday season (and throughout the year). If, however, you do find yourself in police custody and/or facing DUI charges, contact Kohn Law Firm for the strongest DUI defense so you can resolve your case as favorably as possible.

Here’s What You Can Do to Avoid Getting a Holiday DUI

1. Find a friend who will be your sober driver

Avoid getting a holiday DUI this year (or ever) by following these tips. If you do end up being charged with a DUI, however, contact us for the best defense.

Avoid getting a holiday DUI this year (or ever) by following these tips. If you do end up being charged with a DUI, however, contact us for the best defense.

If you are planning to get festive at a party that you can’t walk to, ask your friends, family or others who may be attending if they plan on drinking alcohol and, if not, they would be able (and willing) to give you a ride. Even sober acquaintances may be willing to be your designated driver, as they likely understand the risks of drinking and driving and may go out of their way to drive you home.

If you can’t find a sober driver (either cause no one going to the party plans on staying sober or because they’ve already committed to driving others and their cars are full), don’t worry – you still have options for getting home safely while avoiding a holiday DUI. In particular, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a “SaferRide” App that you can use to find a ride home with a sober driver.

2. Get a cab or use public transportation

If you can’t find anyone you know to be your designated sober driver and you don’t know how to use the NHTSA SaferRide App, you can still get a ride home and avoid getting a holiday DUI by:

  • Calling a taxi to drive you home – Getting a taxi cab can be a viable option during the holidays, as there tends to be more cab drivers out and available during festive holidays (like New Year’s Eve). Here, it’s important to point out that, even if you are on a budget and the cab ride home may be expensive, it’ll still be thousands of dollars cheaper than what you would end up paying if you got a holiday DUI.
  • Finding out whether public transportation may be an option to get you home safely – In some cities, public transportation may be up and running on and after holidays, and relying on this option can be essential to avoid getting a holiday DUI this year. So, before you go to the party, do a little bit of research and find out if you can rely on public transportation when you need a ride (and, if so, the pickup times you need to be aware of).

For some more tips that can help you avoid getting a holiday DUI this year, don’t miss the upcoming second part of this blog series!

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