Continuing from 6 Facts to Know about DUI Stops (Pt. 1), here, we will resume this discussion, pointing out a few more important things that you may want to know about drunk driving traffic stops.

DUI Stops: More Important Info

Fact 3 – If police decide to arrest you during the DUI stop, don’t resist.

Did you know that DUI stops can lead to criminal records if you are arrested? Here are some more important facts to know about DUI stops.

Did you know that DUI stops can lead to criminal records if you are arrested? Here are some more important facts to know about DUI stops.

One thing that can be really easy to forget when dealing with police and facing an imminent arrest is that resisting an arrest is just about always a bad idea. In fact, when police have made the decision that they are going to place you in custody for suspicion of drunk driving:

  • There is probably nothing you can do at this point to change their minds.
  • Resisting the arrest can be used against you, possibly allowing prosecutors to later argue that your physical aggression may be another sign of intoxication.
  • Resisting the arrest may also lead to additional criminal charges being filed against you – and this can end up making it more challenging to clear your name and defend yourself later.

Fact 4 – If you are arrested, you will have a criminal record.     

A common misconception that people have about DUIs and criminal records is that they will only have a criminal record of a DUI if they are convicted of the charge. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth because the reality is that the DUI arrest alone will automatically result in you having a criminal record.

In fact, when it comes to DUI stops ending in arrests and criminal records, here’s what you may want to know:

  • After your arrest, you will be photographed and fingerprinted, and this data will be used to develop your criminal record.
  • If you are never charged with a DUI after the arrest or if your case ended in an acquittal (and you don’t have other convictions and/or offenses on your criminal record), then you may be able to get your criminal record sealed in the future.
  • A criminal record that hasn’t been sealed (or expunged) is available to the public and could end up popping back up when employers (or others) run background checks on you in the future.

Be sure to check out the final installment of this blog series for some additional important info about DUI stops.

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