As people across the U.S. gear up for festive Labor Day celebrations, law enforcement agencies across Colorado are already focused on cracking down on drunk drivers. As part of CDOT’s The Heat Is On campaign, the 2015 Labor Day DUI enforcement effort reportedly includes:

  • As you plan for Labor Day, plan for a ride if you’ll be drinking because a DUI crackdown is now in effect in CO, Colorado Springs DUI lawyers explain.

    As you plan for Labor Day, plan for a ride if you’ll be drinking because a DUI crackdown is now in effect in CO, Colorado Springs DUI lawyers explain.

    Extensive education efforts – From posted signs to commercials and public service announcements, Colorado officials are getting the word out that cops are out in force to arrest drunk drivers over the next week and through the end of Labor Day weekend (i.e., Sept, 7th).

  • Increasing roving patrols – While the bulk of the heightened patrols will be out during the evenings of Sept. 4th to Sept 7th, there are currently more DUI patrols on the streets right now. So, be careful!
  • DUI checkpoints – Various law enforcement agencies across the state will reportedly be setting up sobriety checkpoints in a number of locations over this next week and upcoming holiday weekend.

While the number of DUI arrests made over last year’s Labor Day enforcement period slightly dropped from those made in 2013, CDOT has pointed out that:

  • During last year’s Labor Day DUI crackdown, 1,102 people were arrested for alleged impaired driving.
  • About 36 percent of all drunk driving-related deaths that occur in Colorado each year take place over the Labor Day and Memorial Day holiday weekends.

If You Are Stopped for Suspected DUI…

Protect your rights – and avoid complicating the situation – by:

  • Being polite to the traffic officer.
  • Readily providing the officer with your license and insurance/registration documentation.
  • Not admitting to being drunk or having consumed any alcohol.
  • Not giving cops more evidence than is necessary – In other words, don’t submit to field sobriety testing if you think you will fail. While it’s up to you whether you submit to BAC testing, be aware that a refusal:
    • Will result in an automatic driver’s license suspension
    • Could be used against you later (as DUI cases are one of the few cases in which refusing to provide cops with incriminating evidence can be used against people later in court).
  • Not resisting arrest and contacting the seasoned Colorado Springs DUI lawyers at Shimon Kohn ASAP if you are arrested for alleged drunk driving.

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