If you are facing DUI charges in Colorado, you might be wondering whether there is a way you can get these charges dropped. Depending on the details of your case, it may be difficult, however, working with the right Colorado Springs DUI attorney gives you the best chance of getting the charges dropped.

get dui dropped colorado springsYou’ll find that, for many people, a DUI is the first and the only time that they’ve ever been charged with a criminal offense. Nonetheless, one DUI conviction in Colorado is all it takes to stain your criminal record forever.

And with a DUI on your criminal record, your future employment, housing, car insurance, and travel options can become severely restricted. With this in mind, getting your DUI charges dropped is definitely a top priority.

But what should you do?

Common Factors That Can Play Role in Getting Your Charges Dropped or Reduced

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer as to whether your DUI charges will be dropped or reduced. This is why it is crucial that you talk to an experienced Colorado Springs DUI attorney about your case. Keep in mind that each DUI case is different from the next.  The specific circumstances surrounding your case will determine whether your case will be dropped or charges will be reduced.

However, there are still some common factors that arise in DUI cases that improve one’s chances of getting their case dropped or charges reduced.

Here are some common arguments that can be made to help get your DUI charges dropped or reduced:

Errors with the DUI Breathalyzer Test.

Field breathalyzer tests are meant to measure the amount of alcohol in your breath and determine whether it is within legal limits. Breathalyzers often have an error rate ranging from .005 to .02%. It is also common for police to make mistakes when administering them.

Keep in mind that even when breathalyzer tests are done correctly, they can produce false positives. Here are some of the reasons a breathalyzer test can result in an inaccurately high BAC:

  • Certain medical conditions
  • External temperature
  • Body temperature
  • Interference from background radiation

Police Misconduct at Sobriety Checkpoints

If your DUI arrest resulted from a sobriety checkpoint, your attorney may have a chance of successfully challenging the arrest, especially if the officer who administered the test didn’t follow the rules and guidelines for those checkpoints.

Our Constitution protects you from providing self-incriminating information. You have a right not to answer any potentially incriminating questions. You can politely tell the officer that you would like to speak to your attorney before answering any question.

DUI Charges Dropped or Reduced for First-Time Offenders

In some cases, first-time offenders without any criminal history have a better chance of having their charges reduced with the assistance of the right Colorado Springs DUI attorney. As far as a reduction in charges is involved, this may include reducing the severity of the charge itself ad/or reducing the possible penalties.

However, one crucial thing that you need to note is that to have your charges reduced, you will have to plead guilty to a lesser offense. You may have to take Alcohol Education Course even if you don’t have an alcohol problem. Most Importantly, depending on what the lesser offense is, you may still have a permanent criminal record.

When it comes to reducing possible penalties, they may be reduced from criminal penalties to administrative penalties, such as a license suspension and/or points on your record.

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