While it’s no surprise that domestic violence charges are serious, these cases have some unique facets that don’t necessarily arise in other types of criminal cases and that accused people may not be aware of when they are dealing with Colorado domestic violence cases. In this three-part blog series, we will point out some of these aspects of Colorado domestic violence cases.

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Colorado Domestic Violence Cases: Here’s What’s Critical to Know

Fact 1 – When domestic violence allegations are made, responding officers have to make an arrest when there’s probable cause to do so.

This is because Colorado has mandatory arrest laws for domestic violence cases, and these laws specifically state that the arrest must be made “without undue delay.” As a result, if a domestic violence call has been made, the alleged perpetrator remains at the scene when police arrive and there is probable cause to believe domestic violence may have occurred, at least the alleged perpetrator will be arrested.

Here, it’s also important to point out that:

  • Police have the discretion to arrest the accuser in these situations if or when there may be reason to do so.
  • Probable cause can be any initial evidence that seems to support the domestic violence allegations. From physical injuries to disheveled furniture and witnesses’ statements, probable cause can vary widely in these cases and can compel police to make arrests.
  • If an arrest does occur, it’s critical people call an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible so that they can start building themselves the strongest possible defense in their Colorado domestic violence cases.

Fact 2 – Colorado domestic violence cases involving “habitual offenders” can be elevated to felony charges.

Colorado domestic violence cases are usually filed as misdemeanors, but prosecutors can elevate these charges to felonies when people are considered to be “habitual offenders” because they have at least three domestic violence convictions on their criminal records. In these cases, the domestic violence charges will usually be filed as Class 5 felonies, which can be punishable by between 1 to 3 years in prison (depending on the details of the case).

We will continue discussing some important facts to know about Colorado domestic violence cases in few upcoming parts of this blog series. Don’t miss them!

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