Domestic Violence Attorney

In the state of Colorado, a domestic violence charge is very serious.

Under Colorado state law, depending on the degree of misdemeanor being charged, the accused could receive a fine of up to $5,000 and spend up to 24 months in county jail if convicted.

Additionally, the person convicted will need to attend a 36-hour domestic violence course, lose their right to gun ownership and will have a restraining order placed against them as a result of seeking contact with the victim.

Domestic violence is a very serious offense, even if it is not a felony conviction. Anyone facing these charges needs a top criminal defense attorney to protect their rights.

Defining Domestic Violence In Colorado

By definition of law, domestic violence is not an actual act or crime but a description of the relationship of the participants in an already established criminal act. For example, assaulting someone is already against the law. The assault becomes a domestic incident, however, when there is an intimate relationship between the participants.

Under Colorado law, whenever a police officer is called to an event that is considered domestic, someone must be arrested. Contrary to other types of events, domestic events are seen as very volatile, and the law states that an arrest must be made to ensure separation of the two parties.

This is a very strict practice and has led to many accused people undergoing severe penalties for what was most likely just a heated argument.

While this type of law enforcement has been very helpful in some situations that could have been potentially dangerous, it is also harmful in others. Those accused of this serious crime face many personal and legal challenges once this occurs and will need to have a good Colorado Springs defense attorney to help them through the process.

An Experienced Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

It’s important to have a good defense when facing these serious charges. All aspects of your life are likely to change if convicted, and typically not for the better. Financial and career hardships can arise from a conviction as well as loss of certain rights and the burden of being considered a convict.

A domestic violence attorney at The Kohn Law Firm can walk you through the complexities of the law step-by-step and tenaciously advocate for your interests and rights.

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