Drug Distribution

Defending You against Drug Distribution Charges

Drug distribution charges are among the more serious types of drug charges people can face and, as such, they carry the real threat of long-term imprisonment upon conviction. What may be just as overwhelming and stressful in these cases is the knowledge that these charges can have permanent impacts on a person’s family, career and reputation.

At Kohn Law Firm, our Colorado Springs drug crimes defense attorneys understand the stresses and issues associated with drug distribution charges, and we have the experience, knowledge and resources necessary to help our clients:

  • Mitigate the potential damage and impacts caused by these charges
  • Mount the strongest possible defense against drug distribution charges
  • Resolve their cases as efficiently and beneficially as possible so they can move on with their lives.
Drug Distribution defense

If you’ve been charged with drug distribution, you can trust the Colorado Springs drug crimes defense lawyers at Shimon Kohn to build you the strongest possible defense.

The best defense to drug distribution charges will vary from case to case and will depend on the specific circumstances of the arrest, as well as the details of the case. However, it’s important to point that it can be difficult for law enforcement officials and prosecutors to prove an intent to distribute drugs. Therefore, these drug charges may be filed based on:

  • The amount of a given drug police find on a person or his alleged property
  • Other items that may be allegedly associated with distribution (such as, for instance, packaging materials, scales, etc.)

Given these facts, defending someone against drug distribution charges will generally involve tearing down officers’ and prosecutors’ cases by, for instance:

  • Carefully reviewing police reports to see if officers may have violated people’s rights at any point during the arrest or investigation
  • Re-interviewing any witnesses in the case to determine if or when they may be providing false testimony against the accused
  • Investigating the case to pinpoint the weaknesses in prosecutors’ cases and to figure out when it may be possible to get evidence against the accused thrown out of court.

The bottom line is that people accused of drug distribution will need experienced legal representation to help them effectively challenge and refute these felony drug charges.

Colorado Springs Drug Distribution Defense at Kohn Law Firm

Have you or a loved one been charged with drug distribution? If so, the Colorado Springs drug defense attorneys at Kohn Law Firm are here for you. Since 2003, all of the legal professionals at Kohn Law Firm have been dedicated to providing each of our clients with exceptional service, ethical treatment, and aggressive representation.

In fact, when you entrust us with your defense, you can count on us to help you:

  • Navigate the complexities of an intricate criminal justice system
  • Minimize the negative impacts that drug distribution charges may have on you and your family
  • Dispute prosecutors’ allegations in any legal setting
  • Obtain the best possible outcomes to your criminal case.

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