Drug Possession

Being accused of drug possession can be as embarrassing and stressful as it may be damaging to your reputation, your career and your family. What can complicate these situations is facing the real threat of jail time and a possibly even a lifelong criminal record. While such impacts of possession charges may be overwhelming, it’s critical that people accused of these drug crimes remember that:

  • The accused have rights.
  • The Colorado Springs criminal defense attorneys at The Kohn Law Firm can provide them with the highest quality of representation and help them build the strongest possible defense against these or any other charges.
Drug possession defense

If you have been charged with possession, don’t hesitate to contact the Colorado Springs drug possession defense lawyers at Kohn Law Firm for superior representation.

Defense Strategies for Drug Possession Charges

When it comes to defending people against allegations of drug possession, the best defense strategy for a given case will vary according to the specifics of that case. However, some of the important factors to take into consideration when mounting a formidable defense include (but are not limited to):

  • The type and amount of the drug associated with the possession charges
  • Whether other drug charges – like, for example, distribution, manufacturing or trafficking – may also be associated with a given case
  • The details of the arrest and the investigation
  • Whether the accused individual has prior drug (or other criminal) convictions.

In these cases, the following are just some of the possible defense arguments that can be effective at mitigating the severity of the charges and minimizing the chances of conviction:

  • Officers violated a person’s Fourth Amendment rights by illegally searching the accused individual.
  • Officers failed to read a person his Miranda rights prior to an interrogation.
  • Officers failed to comply with a person’s request for an attorney.
  • The property and/or the drugs in question did not belong to the individual.

If you or a loved one has been charged with drug possession, it’s time to contact the Colorado Springs drug possession defense attorneys at Kohn Law Firm Since 2003, we have been committed to aggressively defending the rights of the accused and working diligently to helping them bring their cases to a successful resolution.

At Kohn Law Firm, we believe that our clients deserve the highest quality of defense representation at every phase of their case. That’s why we are here for them and why we are dedicated to helping each of our clients resolve their possession charges as beneficially, efficiently and discretely as possible. When you want to trust that you will obtain the best possible outcome to your case, don’t hesitate to contact the Colorado Springs drug possession defense lawyers at Kohn Law Firm

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