criminal defense pictureHarassment – Usually A Misdemeanor

A harassment charge in Colorado is almost always classified as a Class 3 misdemeanor. Such a charge is the result of someone allegedly committing any of the following occurrences with the intention of alarming, harassing or annoying another person:

  • Hitting, striking, shoving, kicking, touching a person or subjecting him or her to physical contact
  • Using obscene language or making an obscene gesture to someone in a public place
  • Following a person in a public place
  • Initiating repeated communication or using fighting language
  • Initiating contact over the telephone intending to threaten property damage or bodily injury or to make an obscene request, comment, proposal or suggestion
  • Ringing a telephone repeatedly without intended conversation or calling at inconvenient hours to invade privacy

Harassment can be hard to prove and is often charged in the absence of evidence for a more serious charge. It is also typically associated with incidents involving domestic violence when a spouse or significant other is accused of attempting to physically harm the other. These situations require an experienced misdemeanor defense to eliminate or reduce the associated consequences.

Harassment Charge in Colorado

This type of crime in Colorado is punishable by no more than six months in jail, and the penalties are less severe than being convicted of assault. But taking a harassment charge seriously is important because a conviction can hurt employment chances and can have other negative impacts on your professional or personal life and could indeed lead to jail time or a lengthy probation.

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