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Whether it is classified as a felony or a misdemeanor, being charged with a crime in the state of Colorado is a serious matter and can have consequences that impact the rest of a defendant’s life.

For those facing criminal charges such as menacing, getting a misdemeanor defense attorney involved as soon as possible can be beneficial.

Menacing Attorney Colorado Springs

Unlike some other forms of criminal conduct, a charge of menacing does not require a defendant to touch another person. Rather, as explained in Colorado Revised Statutes section 18-3-206, this charge applies where a person “by any threat or physical action…knowingly places or attempts to place another person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury.”

Misdemeanor Menacing Charge

This misdemeanor charge may arise in a variety of contexts, such as during the commission of another crime or as a result of tempers flaring in an argument. Although the felony version of this charge carries more severe penalties, a misdemeanor is still a serious crime for which capable menacing misdemeanor defense is required.

Colorado Springs criminal defense attorneys at The Kohn Law Firm have set themselves apart due to their skills, experience, and dedication. Our attention to detail means that defendants can depend on us to fight for our clients’ rights.

With respect to menacing misdemeanor defense specifically, The Kohn Law Firm may collect evidence to attack the prosecution’s allegations in an attempt to reduce or eliminate these charges. To gain a conviction, prosecutors must prove that the defendant knowingly attempted to place another person in fear, so an effective defense may attempt to introduce evidence showing that the defendant did not perform the alleged acts knowingly.

Additionally, the statute mentions that the fear must be fear of bodily harm that is both serious and imminent. Thus, depending upon the specific facts of each defendant’s case, The Kohn Law Firm may be able to introduce evidence that the person did not believe any bodily injury was going to occur in the near future, or if it was, the injury was not serious.


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