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Sexual assault is a sex offense in Colorado that can result in severe penalties when subject to the criminal justice system.

Because of the complexities in Colorado law when it comes to a charge of sexual assault, the crime can be charged as anything from a Class 1 misdemeanor all the way to a Class 2 felony. The specific circumstances of a given case will dictate exactly how the state charges an individual.

Punishment for any conviction for any type of assault, including sexual assault, will be severe. Long jail sentences, fines, loss of job and income, loss of contact with family and friends are just a few of the many penalties you will suffer if convicted. Not to mention your name may be placed on the Colorado Sex Offender Registry if convicted.

Do Not Plead – Call Us First!

Prosecutors will push hard for a fast confession and a fast conviction. Many accused will plead to charges under this intense pressure from a prosecutor. You have rights and you do not have to plead guilty!

At The Kohn Law Firm we strongly suggest that you DO NOT TALK TO POLICE until you speak to your lawyer. You have the right to speak to and to retain an experienced Colorado Springs  criminal attorney, and the chances that we can make a big difference for you is good – if you just contact us.

Sexual Assault Definition

sexual assault defenseSexual assault is defined as the sexual penetration of a victim, using body parts or other objects, under a variety of circumstances.

Unfortunately, some individuals are surprised by certain legal language when they end up charged with sex assault after what they believed to be consensual sex. If a victim is under the age of 17 and has a sexual partner more than 10 years older, for instance, that partner can be charged with a sex offense.

Colorado law even lists certain acts of what an individual may see as consensual sex with a legally-aged person as sex offenses that could lead to serious time in prison. A person who has sex with their intoxicated spouse, for instance, could be charged with sex assault.

State law makes it clear that when engaging in any type of sexual behavior, gaining full consent is imperative, and this holds true even with a significant other.

Sexual Assault Felony Classes

A sex assault charge may be considered a Class 4 felony, which can result in a six-year prison sentence. Certain circumstances, however, can make the charge even more serious. If physical force is alleged to have been used during the sex offense, for instance, a person may face 12 years in prison for a Class 3 felony charge.

In addition, if a deadly weapon is alleged to have been used during the commission of the assault, prosecutors may seek a Class 2 felony conviction, which can land a defendant in prison for up to 24 years.

Top Colorado Springs Sexual Assault Defense Attorney

Sexual assault is a very serious accusation with severe and long-lasting punishments attached to a conviction, but there’s no such thing as an “open-and-shut” case. The prosecutor handling your charges might try to make you believe that there’s no hope, but rest assured – there is always hope. The main takeaway here is that you should not automatically take the plea that is offered you without discussing your case with your lawyer.

Colorado Springs sexual assault defense attorney Shimon Kohn can help represent anyone who is facing sex assault or other sex offense charges.

These types of crimes are treated severely in Colorado, so it may seem as though it’s impossible to get a fair trial. If a defendant has Shimon Kohn on their side, however, they’ll have a criminal defense lawyer who will fight for their rights.

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