Important info about alcohol education classes as DUI penalties in CO

Important info about alcohol education classes as DUI penalties in CO

When DUI arrests end in conviction, various penalties can be imposed on the convicted individual, including court-ordered alcohol education classes.

Although people tend to be more focused on penalties like jail and court fines, the alcohol education classes can come with their own demands and requirements – and understanding these will be integral to satisfying this aspect of the court’s orders and, in turn, putting the DUI case behind you.

To this end, below, we have answered some common questions about alcohol education classes for those convicted of DUIs in Colorado. If, however, you are currently focused on getting superior representation and the best possible defense against DUI charges, contact Kohn Law Firm today.

Q – Who will the court order to attend alcohol education classes following a DUI conviction?

A – The court has the discretion to order alcohol education classes whenever it sees fit following a DUI conviction. If the court does not impose this requirement as a DUI penalty, however, convicted people may still need to enroll in these classes as a condition of getting their driver’s license reinstated.

According to the Colorado Department of Human Services, each year, about 25,000 people are ordered by Colorado courts to attend alcohol education classes as a condition of their DUI probation.

Q – What do these classes entail?

A – Essentially, DUI alcohol education programs involve a combination of education classes and therapy sessions, the duration of which will depend on:

  • The person’s BAC at the time of his or her arrest
  • Whether the individual has any prior DUIs.

While first-time offenders are generally ordered to “Level I” programs, those with prior DUIs are usually required to complete the longer, more intensive “Level II” program.

Q – How long do these DUI alcohol education classes last?

A – It depends on the case and the specific “Level” of classes someone is required to complete. While a Level I program can be completed within about 5 months, it may take between 11 and 13 months to successfully complete a Level II program.

Q – Can I get my license reinstated after enrolling in DUI alcohol education classes?

A – Possibly, depending on your case and situation. In general, however, it can be possible to use an “Affidavit of Enrollment” (DR 2643) to prove to the DMV that you are complying with the terms of your DUI probation and get a restricted license.

If, however, you stop going to the DUI classes and the program reports this noncompliance to the DMV, your license will be automatically suspended again until you can verify that you are once again in compliance.

For additional details about DUI alcohol education classes and programs, click here.

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