An experienced Colorado Springs DUI attorney explains IID requirements for those convicted of DUIs and provides some other important info about IIDs.

An experienced Colorado Springs DUI attorney explains IID requirements for those convicted of DUIs and provides some other important info about IIDs.

Ignition interlock devices – the systems that prevent people from driving when they alcohol in their systems – can be penalties of DUI convictions .

In fact, when people have been ordered to have IIDs in their vehicles, they must fully comply with this order in order to avoid violating their DUI probation and successfully resolve their case.

Here’s what you should know about IIDs for Colorado DUIs. For the best defense against Colorado DUIs, contact an experienced Colorado Springs DUI attorney at Kohn Law Firm

IID Requirements for DUIs: An Overview

The following table points out the specific IID requirements for different types of DUI convictions (IID requirements will only come into play once a person’s license is no longer suspended/his driving privileges have been restored).

Offense IID Requirement
1st DUI

(with BAC of ≥0.15)

2 years
2nd DUI
Refusal of Chemical Testing

IIDs Requirements in Colorado: More Important Info

  • Costs – The driver is responsible for covering all of the costs associated with installing and maintaining ignition interlock devices in his vehicle. In some cases, fee waivers may be available.
  • Ongoing maintenance – Once drivers have interlock ignition devices installed in their vehicles, they will have to get these devices maintained on a regular basis (usually every 30 to 60 days).This typically involves going to the service provider to have the device calibrated. When people fail to get their devices maintained, a provider can refuse or cut off service, which could result in a violation of that person’s DUI probation.
  • Failure to comply – People can try to get crafty and try to get around IIDs by, for instance, having others blowing in these devices and/or driving friends’ vehicles that don’t have IIDs in them.These failures to comply, however, are seriously penalized if caught, and IIDs are equipped with some mechanisms to try to prevent “cheating” them (like, for example, requiring drivers to submit breath samples every 5 to 10 minutes while driving).
  • Approved vendors in Colorado – When drivers have been ordered by the court to get an IID installed in their vehicle, they must do so at a state-approved vendor. As of June 2015, the state-approved IID service providers  included:
    • Intoxalock
    • #1 A LifeSafer of CO
    • 1A Smart Start, Inc.
    • Guardian.

For the most up-to-date list of approved IID providers in Colorado, click here.

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