Lookback or washout period for CO DUIs | Colorado Springs DUI Lawyer

Lookback or washout period for CO DUIs | Colorado Springs DUI Lawyer

No, there is not a strict or specific lookback or washout period for DUIs in Colorado. This effectively means that any DUI conviction incurred in Colorado over the course of a lifetime could be relevant in terms of future DUI cases and their potential penalties.

What Is A Lookback Period For Colorado DUIs?

A lookback period for Colorado DUIs refers to some period after which prior criminal offenses will not be considered to be “priors” if or when subsequent similar charges are filed. For instance, in some states, the washout period may be 7 to 10 years. This could mean that new charges filed 11 years (or more) after the prior conviction would not necessarily invoke the charges or penalties for a subsequent offense.

In other words, that subsequent offense could be associated with the same charges as a first-time offense, depending on the circumstances.

Colorado DUI Lookback Periods: More Important Information

  • DUIs within 5 years of each other: Although there is no official washout period for Colorado DUIs, two (or more) drunk driving charges acquired within five years of each other can be associated with harsher penalties. In other words, the five-year window is an important time frame in DUI cases that involve priors, as it could determine if or when harsher penalties (like more jail time or more expensive fines) may come into play).
  • Out-of-state DUIs: In some cases, prior DUIs drivers have acquired in other states may count against them in Colorado for charges/sentencing purposes. For instance, when Colorado residents get DUIs in states that have adopted the Interstate Driver’s License Compact (IDLC), like Colorado has, the DUIs from those other states may be looked at if or when these drivers incur subsequent drunk driving charges in Colorado.
  • When priors are older: While there is no washout period for Colorado DUIs, it is important to point out that the older DUIs are, the greater the chances may be that these priors will not be used to enhance charges or possible sentencing options. This will usually come down to the discretion of the court, however, and an experienced attorney can be pivotal in these situations.

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