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You Need A Colorado Springs Prostitution Attorney.

If you have been arrested or are ever charged for prostitution or solicitation of prostitution, then you need to hire a skilled criminal defense lawyer who has the right experience and knowledge as a prostitution attorney to properly defend this kind of case. Your reputation could be ruined by these types of charges, split your family up, and destroy or seriously damage your marriage.

Prostitution is approached as a very serious crime by the state of Colorado. Both buying and selling sex are criminal offenses. An individual can be charged with prostitution if she or he performs or simply agrees to perform a sexual act with another person in exchange for some type of compensation, whether it is monetary or something else.

Two Basic Charges – Solicitation And Prostitution

When it comes to prostitution crimes, there are basically two different ways that you can get charged.


The first one is to be charged with being either a solicitor of prostitution or a prostitute. If some sexual services or sex is solicited by a woman, it could elicit a response from an undercover law enforcement agent. Charges can be made when a woman either explicitly solicits money or engages in specific contact.

Solicitor Of Prostitution

The second one is to be charged with being a ‘john’ or prostitution patron. Whenever an undercover agent makes arrangements for an individual to meet in a certain place for soliciting prostitution, and there is money is exchanged or discussed, then a soliciting prostitution charge can be brought.

The specific type of prostitution charge that is filed on a case will depend on the specific circumstances that surrounded the incident. Another thing that can factor in is whether or not the person has a past criminal record that includes prior prostitution convictions. Some of the types of prostitution charges that can get filed include the following.

Consequences Of Solicitation Or Prostitution Charges

A class 3 misdemeanor prostitution charge is punishable on conviction with jail time up to six months and fines as high as $750. Anyone who is charged with prostitution will be required to pay for mandatory HIV testing. If the individual tests positive, they could be charged with an even more serious offense, like prostitution with previous knowledge of having an HIV infection.

Soliciting is also a class 3 misdemeanor. An individual accused of soliciting a person for prostitution can have soliciting charges filed against them. However, they also can be filed for a person who is accused of helping to facilitate a meeting between two people where prostitution is intended to occur. If an individual has two or more previous solicitation convictions they could get charged with a class 6 felony instead. This is punishable by a prison term of up to a year and a half and fines up to $100,000.

Pimping And Pandering

Pandering prostitution, which s based on the case’s specifics, may be filed as a class 3 misdemeanor all the way to a class 5 felony. Usually pandering prostitution involves using force or threats to coerce another person into prostitution.

Since pimping is classified as a class 3 felony it can result in a person sentence of up to 24 years and fines up to $750,000. Pimping is defined as receiving items with value that were earned due to prostitution.

In Colorado, penalties for those types of prostitution crimes are potentially severe. According to the Colorado revised statutes C.R.S. 18-7-201, a soliciting prostitution first offense will be considered to be a class 3 misdemeanor.

Although the legal consequences can be quite serious, the most severe could be the stain of having a sex crime conviction on an individual’s permanent record. A serious social stigma is involved when a person is charged with either prostitution or solicitation. It can result in the loss of marriage, friendships, and employment.

If you have been charged with solicitation or prostitution, then you need to have the best legal defense that is available. Contact Shimon Kohn today to make an appointment.


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