Removed From The Colorado Sex Offender Registry?

Being on Colorado’s Sexual Offender Registry will place severe limitations on your choices in employment and housing, among other things. Starting with the conviction of a sexual crime in Colorado, being on the Colorado Sexual Offender Registry is required for all convicted sexual offenders.

Is It Possible To Be Removed From The Colorado Sex Offender Registry?

​In the state of Colorado, to be removed from the Colorado Sex Offender Registry can be a complex process that is far from certain and depends on various factors. The following is an exploration of the conditions and processes that may allow for removal based on the legal framework in Colorado as of Colorado Law, January 2022.

If you are seeking to have your name removed or are involved in any legal matters related to this, it is imperative to consult directly with legal counsel, as the legal landscape can change, and your specific circumstances might have nuances that require professional interpretation.

  1. Duration on the Registry: Colorado has a tiered system for sex offenses, with Tier I being the least severe and Tier III being the most severe. Depending on the tier of the offense, registrants may have different minimum durations of time they must remain on the list:
    • Tier I offenses: A person must register for at least 5 years.
    • Tier II offenses: Registration is required for at least 20 years.
    • Tier III offenses: Registration is for life.
  2. Petition for Removal: After the mandated registration period for Tier I and Tier II offenses, an individual can petition the court to discontinue the requirement to register. For Tier III offenses, however, there generally isn’t a provision to be removed from the registry unless the conviction is overturned or there are significant legal changes.
  3. Criteria for Petition: A person seeking removal must typically demonstrate:
    • Compliance with the registration requirements during the period.
    • Absence of subsequent sexual offenses or convictions.
    • Successful completion of any mandated treatment or rehabilitation programs.
    • The petition is usually more favorable if the individual can show that they no longer pose a risk to the community.
  4. Juvenile Offenders: Special provisions might apply to those who were adjudicated (the juvenile court equivalent of a conviction) for a sexual offense when they were juveniles. These individuals might be eligible to petition for removal earlier than adults, especially if they have completed required treatments and have not committed any subsequent offenses.
  5. Process:
    • Petition: An individual starts the process by filing a formal petition with the district court in the jurisdiction where they were convicted. This petition requests the court to review their status and potentially remove the registration requirement.
    • Hearing: Once a petition is filed, a hearing is usually set. During this hearing, the individual presents evidence to support their request for removal. The prosecution can also present evidence, which might be in favor of or against the removal.
    • Decision: After considering the evidence, the judge will make a decision. If the judge believes that the individual no longer poses a threat to the community, the registration requirement might

These are only a few areas of concern if you would like your name removed from the Colorado Sex Offender Registry.

If you think this may be a possibility for you, give us a call. The case review is free – it won’t cost you anything to find out whether or not you might be able to have your name removed from the Colorado Sex Offender Registry.

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