Continuing from Why You Shouldn’t Trust Your Defense to Public Defenders (Pt. 1), below are some more reasons that you may be taking a dangerous gamble when you entrust your defense case to public defenders (instead of hiring an experienced private defense attorney).

More Important Info You Need to Know about Public Defenders…

2. Public defenders are usually juggling A LOT of cases at once.

This fact about public defenders may be less of a surprise to some people, but it’s no less important to consider when it comes time to choose the best defense attorney to represent you. The fact of the matter is that, at any given time, public defenders are usually representing tens to hundreds of clients simultaneously.

What this can end up meaning for you and your defense case is that public defenders:

  • Will only be able to spend a very limited amount of time on your case
  • Will likely be far less familiar with the ins and outs of your case (which may actually be apparent and hurt your case in court)
  • May be less committed to seeing your case through to the best possible resolution (and more interested in simply closing your case so they can move onto another case).

3. Public defenders tend to lack commitment to any one client or case.

With so many clients to oversee, public defenders will have little time to devote to any single client and, therefore, will be far less committed to any given client in particular. This should be very disconcerting news to people accused of crimes, as it can ultimately end up meaning that public defenders:

  • May not end up being able to meet with them more than once (or maybe even at all) prior to their first appearance in court
  • May encourage people to accept plea deals when this may not be the best move or when people want to have their day in court
  • May not explore all available options for bringing a case to the best possible resolution.

For some final thoughts on public defenders and how they can impact the strength of your defense case, be sure to check out the upcoming conclusion to this blog series.

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