Should You Trust A Public Defender For Your Defense?

Public defender – your best choice if accused of a crime? Facing criminal charges can be both psychologically and financially stressful, particularly when people are confronting the possibility of losing their jobs, destroying their career and having to pay expensive court fines.

Despite these stresses, however, it will be critical that people accused of crimes make some important decisions in the immediate aftermath of their arrest, with one of these decisions being who will represent them as they move forward with their defense case.

Specifically, the choice of a defense lawyer will essentially come down to whether a person opts for a public defender or hires a private defense lawyer. While it may be tempting or “easy” to simply let a case be handled by a public defender, there are some specific things that people should know before they make this crucial decision that could ultimately impact the outcome of their case – as well as their future for years to come.

In this blog series, we will examine some of the reasons that you may want to steer clear of letting public defenders oversee your defense case if you ever are facing criminal charges. If you are still hesitant to hire a Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney after reading this blog – or if you simply have some specific questions about your criminal case, don’t hesitate to contact one of the experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense attorneys at The Kohn Law Firm.

Reasons You May NOT Want to Use A Public Defender…

When you have access to the financial means to hire a private defense lawyer to represent you, here’s why you should take advantage of these means and avoid letting public defenders handle your case:

1. Public defenders tend to lack experience.

Although there are some public defenders who are seasoned legal professionals, it’s important for people to know that this is not necessarily a given and that, in many cases, public defenders are newly licensed attorneys with little legal experience (i.e., people who have just passed the state bar exam).

This is because a public defender’s office can be a good place for newly licensed attorneys to gain valuable experience as they start their careers.

What inexperienced attorneys may have to gain, however, you may stand to lose when it comes to relying on them for a strong defense. In fact, if you happen to trust your defense to public defenders who are relatively new to the job, it is far more likely that:

  • These public defenders may lack essential negotiating and litigating skills.
  • Your defense will suffer.
  • Your chances of being convicted (and being sentenced to negative penalties) will increase substantially.

For our ongoing discussion regarding public defenders versus private defense lawyers when it comes to getting the best possible outcomes to a given case, be sure to look for the second and third parts of this blog that will be posted soon.

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