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If you have been charged with a traffic violation like speeding, running a red light or even DUI/DWAI/DUR you have undoubtedly already done the research. You have likely been completely overwhelmed by the sea of details and lists of penalties and conflicting data. Not to mention the very real high costs associated with a conviction – or multiple convictions.

If you have enough traffic violations, you will lose your driver’s license and you will not be able to drive to work, drive to the grocery store, and your life will get very complex, very fast.

Don’t panic. The Kohn Law Firm specializes in traffic offenses, traffic tickets and offers help for any traffic-related offense.  We are prepared to take immediate action on your behalf.

Traffic Violations Can Have Big Consequences

The state of Colorado has serious penalties for speeding, running red lights and DUI/DWAI/DUR charges and has increased those penalties recently. Very persuasive activist groups publicly challenge the justice system and make it very difficult for prosecutors and judges to offer reasonable plea agreements.

The potential penalties can be extreme and complicated, and some consequences are decided by the specific judge assigned to your case. This makes it imperative that you retain an experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney who will not back down and will tirelessly pursue every legal remedy.

The attorneys at The Kohn Law Firm were previously on the other side of the justice system as District Attorneys. They will leverage their relationships and share their unique experiences and perspectives to coach you on your best course of action to proactively combat potential consequences.

“People make mistakes, and they make bad choices. DUI/DWAI/DUR clients that aggressively participate in their defense can make a significant impact on the success of their own case, but we need to get started,” explains Kohn.

For a detailed list of Colorado State DUI/DWAI laws and potential penalties, visit Colorado Drunk Driving Laws.
For a complete guide provided by with definitions, resources, and options, visit NO DUI Colorado by the Persistent Drunk Driver (PPD) Committee.
For a complete list of Colorado State Traffic Statutes, read
Regulation of Vehicles and Traffic (Title 42 Article 4 Part 13)

For Help With And Traffic Violations, Call The Kohn Law Firm

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