What to expect after a DUI arrest in CO

What to expect after a DUI arrest in CO

A DUI arrest can leave you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and possibly even scared. If you know what to expect from the legal and administrative processes that usually follow a DUI arrest, however, you can start figuring out your options for defending yourself and successfully resolving the DUI case against you.

To this end, below is a general overview of the proceedings that occur following a Colorado DUI arrest. When you are ready for more specific information pertaining to you and your situation, however, it’s time to contact a Colorado Springs DUI lawyer at Shimon Kohn, PC.

Overview of the DUI Case Process: Important Info for Accused Individuals

After a drunk driving arrest in Colorado, here’s what typically occurs:

  1. The DMV Hearing – This is part of the administrative case for the DUI, and it will usually proceed much faster than the criminal case (which goes through the courts). During these hearings, the person accused of DUI will have the opportunity to fight to retain his driving privileges. When it comes to these hearings, however, Coloradans should be aware that:
    • They have to specifically request the hearing within 7 days of their arrest (or within 7 days of their license being confiscated by police.
    • If they fail to request the hearing or their request comes after the 7-day window, they will lose their opportunity for this hearing. This means that a license suspension will automatically go into effect.
    • DMV hearings are generally scheduled to occur within 60 days of the request for them.
  2. The Arraignment – As one of the first steps in the criminal DUI proceedings, the arraignment is when the accused person is formally informed of the charges filed against him and when (s)he may enter a plea for those charges. For misdemeanor DUIs in Colorado, the arraignment will typically occur within 30 to 60 days following the DUI arrest.
  3. The Pre-Trial Conference – Within a few weeks to a few months following the arraignment, a pre-trial conference may be held, during which the defense and prosecuting lawyers discuss the case and any possibilities for a plea deal. If a plea deal is not reached, then the case will move on to the trial phase.
  4. The Trial & Sentencing – In the trial phase of DUI cases, the prosecution and defense will each have the opportunity to present their cases and evidence. Following the trial, a jury will issue a verdict, after which the court will impose a sentence if the verdict rendered is “guilty.”

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