Continuing from 5 Ways to Avoid Getting a Holiday DUI (Pt. 1), below we will point out some more things you can do to avoid putting yourself in the position of being suspected of drunk driving this holiday season – or ever.

More Things to Do to Avoid Getting a Holiday DUI

3. Stay with a friend

By planning ahead a little, you can avoid getting a holiday DUI. If you do end up being charged with a DUI, however, contact us for the best DUI defense.

By planning ahead a little, you can avoid getting a holiday DUI. If you do end up being charged with a DUI, however, contact us for the best DUI defense.

Getting a safe, sober ride home after a holiday party may not always be an option, as cabs may not be available, public transportation may not be running and you may not be able to find a sober friend to rely on to get you home. If this may be the case for you, then consider changing your plans, not coming home after the party and staying with a friend (or the host of the party). See if anyone has extra room for you to crash for the evening so that you can safely drive home the next morning when you are sober.

Even if you end up sleeping on a couch (or a floor), it’s far preferable to be in a friend’s home then in jail thinking about how you are going to deal with a DUI case in 2015.

4. Get a hotel room

If your friends and family have no room for you to stay the night, then think about paying for a hotel or motel room for the evening. Although rates can be pricier (especially if you are looking last minute) and you may be on a budget, think about this:

  • Even if a hotel room for the evening costs you $350, this cost is still just a small fraction of what you would end up paying if you are convicted of a holiday DUI (as first-time DUIs cost, on average about $10,000 – and the costs only go up from there if people have prior DUI convictions, the DUI involved an accident/injuries, etc.)
  • DUI convictions can have costs and impacts far beyond just the court fines, as people can end up losing their jobs, careers, etc., which can end up costing them far more profoundly for years to come.

5. Host the party so you don’t have to think about commuting

If planning to get a ride or stay somewhere is too complicated or irritating for you, then why not consider changing your plans entirely and throwing an impromptu holiday party at home? Have your friends come to you, and cut driving out of your holiday party plans altogether by hosting an informal get together at your place.

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