Ending our blog series Colorado Marijuana DUI Laws: 6 Facts to Know, below, we will reveal a few more crucial things you should be aware of when it comes to criminal statutes pertaining to driving and marijuana intoxication.

Additional Important Info about Colorado Marijuana DUI Laws

Fact 5 – Multiple violations of Colorado marijuana DUI laws can lead to even harsher penalties.

While these facts regarding Colorado marijuana DUI laws are important to know, contact us when you need the best defense against any type of DUI charges.

While these facts regarding Colorado marijuana DUI laws are important to know, contact us when you need the best defense against any type of DUI charges.

Similar to the statutes governing alcohol DUIs, Colorado marijuana DUI laws also increase the severity of the penalties when people have prior convictions for marijuana DUIs on their criminal records. In fact, when multiple convictions arise, here’s what the possible penalties can entail (according to what Colorado marijuana DUI laws currently state):

  • 2nd marijuana DUI conviction – While driver’s license suspensions will increase to 12 months, jail time can increase to 10 days (and be up to one year) while the fines can be raised to $1,500, and community service can be increased to 120 hours.
  • Subsequent marijuana DUI convictions – For a 3rd or subsequent conviction, jail time will be at least 60 days while drivers’ license suspensions will typically increase to 24 months (or two years). The fines and community service are generally the same as those for second convictions.
  • Subsequent marijuana DUI convictions within 7 years – Along with the previously mentioned penalties, these cases will usually also come with a possible 5-year driver’s license suspension (per Colorado’s habitual offender law).

Fact 6 – Colorado marijuana DUI laws will likely to continue evolving.

While we’ve highlighted a lot of important information regarding Colorado marijuana DUI laws thus far in this blog series, it is crucial for people to understand that:

  • These laws are subject to change.
  • These laws WILL likely change in the future, as more information regarding marijuana use while driving becomes available.

What this can mean for you is that:

  • You may need to be diligent about staying informed about the changes to Colorado marijuana DUI laws, especially if you enjoy using marijuana recreationally.
  • You should not assume that being arrested for and/or charged with a marijuana DUI in Colorado will automatically result in a conviction, as you may have various defense options (and, as changes to Colorado marijuana DUI laws are made, more possible defense options can open up for you), depending on the details of your case.

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