Drug Trafficking

Across Colorado and most other states, the authorities are usually more stringent when it comes to punishing drug trafficking than they are on drug users. The reason why traffickers are most targeted is because lawmakers and authorities view drugs as a direct cause of any illegal activities carried out by drug users.

And, legal authorities like to cut off the supply of drugs from the source – that’s why they go harder on drug trafficking than drug users in general.

If you are accused of drug trafficking in Colorado Springs, you need the most experienced and the most aggressive criminal defense attorney you can find. The potential fines and prison time are just too severe for half-measures.

Drug Trafficking – Most Sought After And Most Punished

Across most states, the authorities usually go after drug traffickers with zeal, with the prosecution using all legal means at their disposal to get maximum punishment. On conviction for dealing controlled substances, you can get slapped with fines, probation and jail or prison time.

As it is, it is clear as day that drug trafficking – also known as drug dealing usually carries severe punishment in the courts.

The majority of crimes attributed to drug trafficking and dealing in Colorado are classified as felonies. The implications of being charged with felony drug trafficking in the state can be extremely serious.

What You Need to Know if You Have Been Charged with Drug Trafficking

Were you arrested and charged with drug trafficking because the police allegedly found some paraphernalia in your vehicle? Perhaps you were charged simply because you were found with a large number of opioids or marijuana, plastic bags and a scale? Or, were you charged because the police found items in your basement and they came to the conclusion that you could be a meth dealer?

In the scenarios above, you may not consider yourself a drug dealer but it is important to understand that if you were found in possession of controlled substances that could not be feasibly be used by a single person, then you can be arrested and arraigned in court for what is known as a “possession with intent to distribute” charge.

Under Colorado law, specifically Colorado CRS 18-18-405 (this is the law that touches on persons who can be charged with selling controlled substances), there is a clause that states that:

“Any person who knowingly manufactures, dispenses, sells, or distributes, or possesses with the intent to manufacture, dispense, sell, or distribute, a controlled substance or induces, attempts to induce, or conspires with one or more persons to manufacture, dispense, sell, distribute, or possess with intent to manufacture, dispense, sell, or distribute such a controlled substance; or possesses one or more chemicals, supplies, or pieces of equipment with the intent to manufacture such a controlled substance.”

In Colorado, there are certain types of crimes related to the sale of controlled substances that usually incur heftier penalties. For example, if you are charged with distributing drugs near a learning institution, you can get slapped with a heavier penalty.

What is the Penalty for Drug Trafficking in Colorado?

The minimum penalty for drug trafficking in Colorado is a Class 1 Drug Misdemeanor which is usually accompanied by a minimum jail term of 6 months and/or a fine of $500.

The maximum fine for drug trafficking in the state is a Level 1 Drug Felony which usually has a maximum penalty of 32 years in jail and a fine of $1,000,000.

Why You Should Get a Drug Trafficking Defense Attorney in Colorado

With the potential consequences of being found guilty including things such as loss of freedom, loss of current employment and future employment prospects as well as irreparable damage to your reputation, it is important to consider hiring an attorney when you are charged with drug trafficking. A skilled attorney can help reduce your charges against Schedule I (this covers methamphetamine, cocaine and ketamine) and Schedule II (this covers narcotics).

Our skilled attorneys will help you build a strong defense if you are charged with trafficking or distributing drugs and controlled substances including:

  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine
  • Marijuana
  • LSD
  • Ketamine
  • Molly
  • Ecstasy
  • Mushrooms

There are different strategies that you can use when charged with a drug trafficking offense. Contact Shimon Kohn today at (719) 328-9555 if you are looking for a seasoned and aggressive drug defense lawyer who will help you come up with the best strategy for a formidable defense.


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