While first-time Colorado DUI costs can be expensive, they can be reduced or possibly avoided with the help of our Colorado Springs DUI lawyers.

First Colorado DUI Can Be Expensive

Proceeding from How Much a First Colorado DUI Can Cost You (Pt. 1), below, more of the financial impacts of a first-time DUI conviction in Colorado will discussed.

While the first part of this blog series focused on the court costs of DUIs, here, we will take a closer look at some of the administrative and other expenses that are usually associated with these cases.

Colorado DUI Costs: Administrative Expenses

Administrative expenses related to first-time Colorado DUI cases generally arise from people having to pay to get their driving privileges back, as well as to complete the terms of their DUI probation. Here’s an overview of what these administrative expenses typically are:

Administrative Expenses Costs*
Alcohol education classes $150 to $1,000
Ignition Interlock Device (IID) requirements (installation & maintenance) $480 to $1,500
Community service $50 to $100
Vehicle towing fees $50+
Driver’s license reinstatement fees $100 to $150
TOTAL $830 to $2,800+

*Note: An average cost has been provided for some of these matters, and the specific costs will vary from case to case.

Other Colorado DUI Costs

Along with the court and administrative costs for first-time Colorado DUI cases, people usually also have to contend with other expenses, including (but not limited to):

  • Auto insurance increases – With a DUI on a person’s record, auto insurance rates can double or even triple in some cases, and these expensive rates may follow a person around for 5 to as much as 10 years after a DUI case has been resolved.
    TOTAL – $3,600+
  • Income loss – While we’ve noted what people usually have to directly pay when they’ve been convicted of a DUI, one notable cost that has not yet been mentioned – but that is significant and not uncommon – is that the of the lost income people have to deal with as they go to court, satisfy their community service/alcohol education requirements, and deal with the other requirements associated with their DUIs.
    TOTAL – N/a

The Bottom Line about Colorado DUI Costs

When it comes to the costs of Colorado DUIs, the bottom line is that:

  • They are expensive: On average a first-time Colorado DUI will cost someone at least $13,530.
  • The costs typically only increase: First-time DUIs are usually the cheapest types of drunk driving cases. With multiple DUIs, as well as aggravating factors, such as accidents or injuries, these Colorado DUI costs can increase significantly.
  • The costs can be profound: The costs of a conviction can hit far more than your wallet. Although we’ve taken an in-depth look at the financial costs, there are clearly costs that affect people’s reputations, personal relationships, careers, etc.
  • The costs can be reduced or avoidable: Retaining an experienced DUI defense attorney upfront can help you craft the strongest possible defense and, in doing so, help you try to minimize your Colorado DUI costs.

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