Colorado DUI Cost – It’s Expensive!

When facing DUI charges for the first time, people are often focused on whether or not they will have to go to jail. While incarceration is certainly a valid worry with any criminal case, what fewer people may realize is that the financial impacts of their DUI may end up being far more concerning.

Particularly because these impacts can end up lasting for years to come in some cases.

A first-time Colorado DUI costs, on average, about $10,000. Here’s a breakdown of where these costs come from. Contact us for the strongest DUI defense.

A first-time Colorado DUI costs, on average, about $13,530.

Revealing these financial impacts, in this two-part blog series, we will point out the costs associated with first-time DUIs in Colorado. While these costs may be jaw-dropping, the best way for you to minimize these costs, as well as your chances of conviction, are to contact the experienced Colorado Springs DUI lawyers at The Kohn Law Firm

The Breakdown On A Colorado DUI Cost

Did you know that the average cost for a DUI in Colorado is now $13,530? That’s an increase of 32% ($3,260) from the previous average of just over $10,000 from just a few years ago. No doubt, it’s just MUCH less expensive to NOT get a DUI, but if you do, here’s what you’ll be paying for.

  • DUI Lawyer Fees – $3,650, this price can vary widely
  • Insurance Rate Increase – around of $3,600 per year*
  • Ignition Interlock Device Rental And Service – $2,172
  • Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Program – $1,000
  • Probation Fees – $900
  • Fine for First Conviction between – $600 and – $1,000
  • Detox in Jail – $303
  • Probationary Drug and Alcohol Evaluation – $200
  • Vehicle Towing – $175
  • Victim Assistance Fund – $163
  • License Reinstatement – $95
  • Law Enforcement Assistance Fund – $90
  • Community Service Supervision Fee – $60
  • Victim Impact Panel Program – $50
  • Car Storage or Impound Fees – $49.20 per day
  • Victim Compensation Fund – $29
  • Court Fees – $26
  • Restricted License – $26
  • Brain Injury Fund Fee – $20
  • Instruction Permit – $16.80
  • Rural Alcohol and Substance Abuse Fund – $5

*Estimated for a driver age 21-24 over a 5-year period

Here, we want to point out that:

  • The “PDD Surcharge” noted above refers to a Colorado DUI cost that may be imposed by the courts for “persistent drunk drivers.” For people who are facing DUI charges for the first time, this includes those who had blood alcohol concentrations (BACs) of 0.17 or greater.
  • Paying off ALL of the court-ordered Colorado DUI costs will typically be a term of people’s probation. In other words, in order to fully resolve a DUI case after a conviction, people will HAVE to pay all of the court-related costs associated with their case (or face the possibility of new legal problems, such as probation violation charges, etc.).

We’re not done pointing out the costs of a first-time Colorado DUI – stay posted for the upcoming second part of this blog series for our continued discussion regarding these costs, as well as what you can do to try to reduce or avoid them if you are facing DUI charges.

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Note: The cost of the average first time DUI in Colorado was compiled by the — an effort of the state’s Persistent Drunk Driver Committee.


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