Resuming How to Get Evidence Thrown Out of Court (Pt. 1). Equally important, we will continue to point out some of the more effective arguments that may be used to try to get a judge to deem the prosecutor’s evidence inadmissible in a given case.

More Ways to Get Evidence Thrown Out of Court

Depending on the specifics of a case, it may be possible to get evidence thrown out of court by arguing that:

3 – The evidence was illegally obtained by police or prosecutors. 

This may be one of the most effective ways to get evidence thrown out of court. This tactic involves arguing that the accused person’s Fourth or Fifth Amendment rights were violated by law enforcement officials. In particular, arguments that evidence was illegally seized by police can specifically contend that officers:

While these arguments can be effective ways to get evidence thrown out of court, contact Shimon Kohn when you need the best defense in your criminal case.

While these arguments can be effective ways to get evidence thrown out of court, contact Shimon Kohn when you need the best defense in your criminal case.

  • Did not have probable cause and/or legal search warrants to conduct a search in the first place
  • Searched and seized evidence from areas outside of their warrants
  • Failed to read accused people their Miranda rights upon their arrest. When this is the case, even confessions to crimes from people who haven’t been mirandized can be deemed inadmissible.

Because this type of criminal defense argument, however, will require careful review of the procedures police used to investigate the case. Furthermore, it’s strongly advised that people accused of crimes work with an experienced Colorado Springs criminal defense attorney who can pinpoint when this may be an effective defense in a given case.

4 – The evidence is “hearsay.”

Hearsay refers to statements that, although made outside of court, are presented in court to back up some statement or allegation. For instance, let’s say the prosecution calls a witness to the stand who, under oath, states that some second witness told him that she saw the accused person committing the crime in question.

Well, the defense lawyer could object that this statement is “hearsay,” and a presiding judge would generally be inclined to strike the statement from the record (i.e., dismiss the statement as evidence).

The reasons that hearsay evidence is not generally permitted in court are that it:

  • Is considered to be “second hand”
  • Does not give the opposing side the opportunity to ask questions of this second witness.

Here, it’s also important to note that not all hearsay evidence is inadmissible. On the contrary, one notable exception in which hearsay evidence may be used in court can be when it comes as a “dying declaration” (or a statement made by someone on his or her deathbed).

So, the bottom line is that:

  • There may be various effective ways to get evidence thrown out of court.
  • Having an experienced defense attorney on your side will be vital to getting as much evidence against you thrown out. Equally important, successfully resolving your criminal case.

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